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I'm relatively new to Clan Wars, but I believe I can provide some tips that will improve your Clan Wars scores. 

Pre requisites:

1) Call of Duty App.  Contrary to the official line, there is a huge advantage for clan members using the app, versus not. If you don't have it, stop reading this and go get it.

2) Headset.

3  Basic understanding of Clan Wars. If you don't understand what a "node", "CP", "Defenses", or "Wins", etc., are, stop reading this.  Read the Clan Wars FAQ found in the Clan War menu of the COD app. Also familiarize yourself with the subjects in the Featured Content section of the Clan Wars Discussions page. You can also get more info board member apollo2626 put together here:   Already done that? Read on... 

Note:  These tips are intended to increase your wins using strategy.  They are not intended to increase your Clan XP.  Do not modify these tips in a way that could be considered Boosting/cheating.  See the COD Clan Wars rules that are posted before the start of each Clan War. Also be sure to follow the online play Code of Conduct found here:

Tip 1: Be smart about recruiting. When recruiting new members, it is very important to consider two key factors:

a) Are they active?

This is the most important, as they must be playing the game during the clan  wars to be of any use at all. Also, consider cutting clan members you don't have close ties with if they are not active, even if they have a high k/d. If they're not playing, they are hurting you severely in the clan war.  This is because clans are matched up by size, so you don't want your 20 member clan with 4 active players being matched with another 20 member clan.

b) Are they any good, k/d, wins, score, etc.?

There doesn't need to be a strict cutoff of who you will allow in, even a low k/d player can help in the wars, provided they are active.  Of course highly skilled players are more desirable to recruit.   

More about recruiting:

Require the completion and submission of an application form.  I'm not a fan of this, but many clans will do it so they can make the best teams possible.  Things to ask for on an application might include hours played, k/d, win ratio, favorite game mode, geographical location, public ip address, etc.

Tip 2: Parties.  You want to be smart about who you party up with, and know when not to party up.  Key things to consider are:

a) Do the party members get along? 

This is the most important of all. The better they get along, the better of a team they will be.

b) What is the k/d of each party member? 

High k/d players should form parties together as large as possible.  Middle (average) skill players should form parties in groups no larger than 2-3.  Below average skill players should not party up together at all

Note:  After observing the results of using this strategy at random, parties of 2-3 will often result in getting a "bad draw" on the filler players you get paired with.  Experience of your players is a bigger determining factor than k/d.  A 6 man party of high prestige/low k.d. players is better than splitting up.

c) How many wins do you need to take the node?

This comes into play when you are close to the number of wins needed to capture a node.  Basically if you only need one win to capture, you want to split up your party.  This improves the odds of you capturing the node quickly.  However, this strategy will result in lost time getting everyone back together after the capture.

d) Is your party communicating effectively? 

This is very important. You should be letting each other know where the baddies are/what they are doing, calling out objective, etc.  Headsets are pretty much required.  Make sure you communicate concisely, and quickly.  Keep communication tactical in game.  Every party should have someone communicating current situation of the overall war situation and what nodes to go after.  That person needs to be strategy minded, and must be monitoring the COD App. Overall Map strategy should only be discussed at critical times in game, such as when a new node becomes available to cap, but should mostly be saved for the pre game lobbies.

Tip 3: Capturing Nodes.

a) Make sure as many people as possible in the clan are using the COD App. Every party should have at least one person monitoring the app frequently.  This is best done on a tablet, or a laptop capable of running apps.  Keep the screen of the device running the app where it can be easily seen during game play.  You may need to switch strategies on the fly based on what's happening in the app. 

b) Be smart about what nodes to try and capture.  Although you will want to start with a particular game mode, don't get set on it.  If a new node becomes open, you should seriously consider switching to that mode.  Typically, a node will only be open for a short time after a clan loses control of it.  Since you can only earn wins on a node when it is open, you want as much of your game time devoted to accumulating wins on open nodes, rather than wasting time trying to unlock a node that is currently held by another clan.  Let all the other clans spend their time on lowering the defense points.  They'll open the node for you, doing all the hard work.

     Nodes you should attack first are:

     1) Open nodes

     2) Nodes about to "flip" (5 defenses or less)

     3) Defended/Held nodes.

note:  If there are two nodes for one game mode, it basically doubles it's priority.

c) Keep track of how many wins you have in each node.  Write them down.  You will need this so you know where to focus your efforts smartly.  When there is more than one open node, you should try to cap the one with the fewest wins required to get the cap.  You should also consider how many CP you will earn for capturing a node.  If the node you are working for wins on is capped by another clan, switch nodes.  When all nodes are capped, you want to increase your defense points on the nodes you hold.  If you are not holding any nodes work on lowering the defense points on nodes that have the lowest number of defenses.  Ideally, you would attack a node with five defense points with a six man party.  That way, there is no warning to the other clan they are about to lose the node.  You can go after nodes with high defense points if your confident you can lower the defenses quickly, so you won't tip off the other clan.

d) Make sure everyone in the clan is going after the same node.  Coordination is key.  Doing this, you should be able to cap a node in as little as 10 minutes (assuming it's open).

e) "Flipping".  Let your nodes be opened by other clans rather than spending time defending them.  You will get more CP capturing nodes vs. the slow CP award you earn for holding it.  Basically, as soon as you cap a new node, immediately switch to a different game mode.  Continue capping new nodes until nothing else is left or the old one is open.  Once the old node is opened by an opposing clan, jump on it and cap it again. 

f)  Node Targeting.  Clan leaders - Make sure you are setting and switching the target in the COD App quickly.  Many of your clan members rely on this as their only means of deciding what to play.  If you will be unable to switch the targeting, let your clan know in clan chat, and delegate someone to designate targets in clan chat. 

Tip 4: Time management.

a) You MUST get as many of your clan playing as soon as the COD Clan War goes live.  You'll be fighting an uphill battle if you don't.  In the Springs war I saw a Clan take all the nodes in under two hours.  They did this because all their clan was online at the kickoff.  My clan had 1 of 23 members online for the first few hours, so you can imagine how we fared.

b) Develop a schedule.  You need to consider the makeup of your clan and when they can play. Your parties should be made up of people that can get online around the same time of day. 

c) Take breaks/Don't overdo it. That said, if I'm on an extended break, I like to monitor the app.  If a node becomes open, I'll get online quickly, and play that game mode.  Even if I don't cap the node, I'll be banking up wins for when I have more people online to take it by force.

Tip 5: Manage lag.  This will also improve overall game play, and is relevant anytime you play in a party.

a) Make sure everyone in your clan can get an "open" NAT in game.  There are many guides online on how to do this.

b) Form squads geographically.  The closer your squad members physical locations are, the better. You don't want to be in a game with one guy on your squad in Australia, and another in Kansas.  The lag will really suck. 

c) Do a ping test.  You don't need to do ping from your console, you can use a computer.  Use the ping test to ping the public IP of your squad members.  Use the results to form squads with the lowest ping between each other's IP addresses.

d) Stay home.  Don't take your console to your buddies house for clan wars.  Every console you add to the same internet connection will increase lag.  You'll be better off if you have 5 guys in the same neighborhood staying home using their own internet connection.

note: Doing the above things will only reduce lag that YOU can control.  You may still find yourself playing guys on the other side with a bad connection.  Doing the above things will at least reduce lag that is under your control.

Tip 6: Loadouts. I'll keep these limited as they are more game play tips, but keep in mind that anything you can do to improve your game play, improves your clan war success.

a)  Set up your soldiers with loadouts appropriate for each game mode active in the current clan war.  If you're limited to 6 loadouts, consider setting up multiple soldiers with different loadouts.  Name one soldier "Hardcore" and the other "Standard".  Each loadout should be named to correspond to a game type, e.g. loadout 1 re-named to "Blitz defense".  This makes it much easier to switch to an appropriate loadout quickly.

Tip 7: Clan Practice.  Make sure you practice playing game modes together as a Clan.  Practice modes that may be in an upcoming clan war.  I have not seen a Clan War that does not have TDM and DOM, but they will also have other modes that appear as well.  You should practice and be familiar with team stategies/loadouts for: TDM, DOM, KC, Cranked, Blitz, S&D, and S&R.  You will probably only need to practice and create loadouts for some HC modes.  Those are likely to be the most popular, TDM, DOM, KC.

Miscellaneous Tips for the fanatical gamer. These are tactics that are in play by some teams, that the normal person might consider extreme.  They are bases on real world military discipline, and if used, many of your clan may "desert"

a) Duty Roster.  Exactly what it sounds like.  Clan members are told when to be online, and with whom to party up with. They are given "off time", "work time", and "on call".  In a 24 hour day, 8 hours of each.

b) Strict enforcement of guidelines.  Basically, military discipline applied to what should be a fun game.

c) Overwatch.  Basically it's a duty assigned to a team tactician where his only task is to monitor the overall tactical picture of the map, and advice the commander on the current situation. He uses a large display tablet or computer running the app.

d) Alerts.  Based on the current tactical situation, Clan members "on call" are alerted to go online.  This would be done by pager/text.  In extreme situations, "off time" clan members are alerted as well.

Some unsportsmanlike strategies I've seen:

a) Forming alliances.  Two clans in the same war will cross coordinate with each other.  Many would consider this boosting.

b) Recruiting apposing Clans members.  When a war begins, expect to get a lot of invites, most of which are random, but some may simply be to try and get you to leave your clan to give the other's in your war an advantage.

c) Recruiting between roster lock, and the start of the Clan War.  If you are in a 25 man bracket, only the first 25 members that post a win will count in the clan war, but if you only expect to get about %50 of your clan active, if you double your numbers, you effectively get %100 percent participation. Don't forget that new clan members that are added after the start of the clan war can not contribute wins.  Edit:  Apparently, in the last war at least, members added after the start DID contribute wins.  See the following for more info on roster lock:

note:  I've included the miscellaneous and unsportsmanlike strategies so you can be aware of when they are used against you.  I strongly discourage using these strategies.  I will not list anything that is straight up "cheating".  I don't want to encourage it. Be on the lookout for "cheaters". 

In closing, I don't expect anyone to employ all the tactics above, although I can assure you, some clans are.  Also, I have not included many Defensive strategies, as the only time they'll be beneficial is when you control most or all of the map, in which case you already know what you're doing.  I am also sure clans are employing many tactics I've not thought of in this guide.  This guide is only meant to let you see the strategy side of the game and how it can be used.  If you use anything in the guide, use your common sense first, and pick the strategies that will work for you and your clan.  Remember, it's just a game, and if it's not fun, what's the point?

I welcome comments and input on what strategies that you use that work best.


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In Clan Wars, it is imperative that you have loadouts for different game modes set up in advance so that you can quickly switch to an appropriate loadout when switching game modes. Nodes can easily be lost in the time your party is taking when changing their set up on their soldier in between game modes.
What follows are some of my setups/recommendations for some of the more obscure game modes that are likely to be in a given Clan War.

First a note on perks:  For most core modes, you want to run Ready Up, and Focus. For hardcore, replace focus with quickdraw or steady aim.

For Blitz, you want to have at least two loadouts set up.  One for offense/scoring, the other for defense.
A good runner/offensive set up might be weapon: Suppressed Sub Machine gun. Perks: Marathon, Agility, and Dead Silence.  I run a suppressed ripper with grip.
A decent defensive set up would be a Assault rifle with a muzzle brake.  Good perks: Double Lethal, Amplify. Danger Close is a decent option as well. For equipment: Double IEDs. A motion tracker is a good choice for a tactical.
Killstreaks that are useful:
Assalt:  sat com, IMS, Sentry Gun
Support:  sat com, ballistic vests (let runner pick them up), Ammo crate (let defenders re-supply from)
Note:  Best to use your assault killstreaks on round two.  You get the most out of them that way.

Dropzone (DZ)
For DZ, you will want to have a set up that combines speed and stealth. Resistance to explosives is handy too.
I use: Weapon: Suppressed SMG, with Motion Tracker.  Perks:  Marathon, Incog, Dead Silence.  Another good option is blast shield. Tactical:  Smoke or Trophy system.
I set up two identical loadouts, one with the trophy system, the other with smoke.
Killsteaks: N/A, only way you get Killsteaks is by holding the DZ and getting/stealing Care Packages.

Search and Rescue / Search and Destroy (S&D/S&R)
Here, stealth and awareness are important. 
Weapon: Suppressed AK-12, or Honey badger.  Perks:  Dead Silence (pretty much mandatory), Amplify, Ping.
Killsteaks:  Support sat com, ballistic vests, night owl. I would suggest just running sat com and vests, with no 3rd.

On Cranked, you will get all your speed perks, and Stalker automatically on your first kill.  Main thing on cranked is to not have any of theese equipped, use whatever other perks you like.
Weapon: Ripper with muzzle brake, and grip (and/or) extended mags. Perks:  Deadeye, Steady Aim, Focus, Dead Silence. If you dont run Deadeye, replace with extra attachment and amplify.
Assault:  sat com, Attack Dog, IMS
Support:  sat com, Support Squadmate, Oracle.

For Hardcore modes, keep this in mind: Nearly every weopon is a one shot kill.  Sniping and Shotgunning is nearly completely useless, as are certain perks, like focus.  IEDs, become far more effective.  Adjust your Typical TDM, DOM, and KC loadouts to have something appropriate for those game types in Hardcore Mode.
My weapon choices will change based on map type.  I will typically have multiple loadouts (up to ten) for each game mode.  Some modes are similar enough that the loadouts for one will work on another, like DOM/KC, or S&D/S&R.
I'm not including my set ups for the more common modes like TDM, as most people already have a favorite set-up they like to use. However, I will add that for KC, make sure you are running marathon (to get tags), and using a lethal is a good idea as well.  Same goes for DOM.
The loadouts that I've listed support my play style and my clan's particular strategies in different game modes.  They aren't for everyone.  Please feel free to post some of your favorite set ups.


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Thanks for taking the time to post all this. It's nice to know that what we are doing in our clan is something others are doing too and I'm not just being stubborn on recruiting and game play during wars. The load out post is very interesting and am going to try some of them out.

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