Clan Wars wins deleted.

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Clan Wars wins deleted.

A few members of my clan and I were capturing the Team Deathmatch node and not a clan was anywhere near us. Before I exited the game and app, we held the node. When I returned in the morning nobody else had even played that mode to score points, but our score was at zero. Where did those points go?  Also none of our wins have been counting since. Yes, I know about the capturing a node from another clan means winning to deplete their score first, them it becomes available to capture it. But in order to deplete it, your wins have to count. And it's not working. Many of the clan members see no point in playing it, if it doesn't work. Fix it. I'm sure there are more bugs. And adding clan members in the middle of a clan war should be disabled. The war is based on ability and size of clans.

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Re: Clan Wars wins deleted.

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I feel ya on adding members during the clan war. My clan is filled with 9 people in the platinum rank and we're facing clans that have 20+ members. The thing was that the clans had 9-12 to start then they added a ton of new members like the next day.

It's not fair for us since it's seldom more than 4 of us get on at any given time. If our usual group of 2 or 3 try to put a dent into their node one of their group of sixes undo it in a fraction of the time and make it pointless for us to do this. At best we'll get second barely, but we'll never win a war. I was under the impression that we'd be matched with similar sized clans so we'd have a fighting chance.

I think IW should make it so that you can add new members, but only the ones you had before the clan war started can participate.

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