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So you are really leaving all PC players out of it? I have the last 3 IW (and TA) games on my Steam account, and you are not allowing me (and any other PC player) to register for Clans? According to your FAQ we can do this at release, but yet you are giving the other platform's player the option to do it early. So the PC players will be left with the crappy clan names that are left? Imho this is just unfair.

I guess I should be happy we might actually get the whole Clans and Elite stuff for PC -.-

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No doubt we dont get any information on any of the game releases consoles this and consoles that i still have it preordered anyways but still throw us a bone IW

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It's not ideal and I'm just throwing it out there, you could either create a new Xbox Live Silver account or a PSN account and then go in and setup your clan or you can have someone else that has a console register the clan for you and then transfer ownership once Nov 5th comes around.

I know that's not what you want to hear, and I do think it stinks that you can't go get your clan registered, but I'm just trying to help.

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looks like we pc players get the shaft again

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right pc gamers...

You cant reserve or register a clan name till the app launches on nov 5th  (as you need to add your steam/windows acc info account)

But  there is a work around you can use in the meantime if you have or know anyone with an existing 360 or psn account you can get them to register / reserve the account as a stop gap. Then when the app officially launches nov 5th add your steam account and take control of the clan.

i know this isn't the answer alot of you want sorry.

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