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I haven't played ghosts in a while due to destiny. and with all of this talk about clan wars and all the cool stuff you can unlock by doing so i thought that i would check it out and participate. But i cannot find the app for the clans. I have only found the advanced warfare app. I thought maybe they integrated it into the AW app but when i checked it said i had no multiplayer data so i just gave up. I just want to check on all of my clan stats. So my question is. is there still clan wars or even a clan app?

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Really? People just keep looking at this post and just ignoring it? its a legitimate question and people are just blowing it off.

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Clan Wars in Ghosts and the Call of Duty Ghosts app is no longer supported. If you want to join a clan and play Clan Wars you have play Advanced Warfare.

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Call of Duty®: Ghosts || Clans

Go there for all of the info on CoD Ghosts Idk i dont play the game but found this

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What WSNA said is correct, unfortunately from what is also being posted on this forum, you can no longer even earn XP from playing for your clan to level the clan up either. All the 'cool' stuff you can earn sounds like the Centurion Armour rewards for AW clan wars.

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There are no more clan wars for Ghosts and it looks like the Ghosts app is no longer working. This is ultimately removing the ability to do anything with your clan in Ghosts. Seems odd that they have removed this functionality already only a few months after AW came out.

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For all of you that have not read the other 20 posts on this issue. THE APP HAS BEEN TAKEN DOWN AND IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE. PER BEACHHEAD STUDIOS. There may be a update to allow clan management in game at a future  date but i doubt it. Any time they make a game specific app for COD, expect it to die when the next game is released. When the next cod app comes out aw app will be shut off as well. Just like they did the ELITE app when ghosts came out.

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