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Does anyone know if there will be a hardcore clans mode?  One of the reasons league was such a failure in BOII was that it was only Softcore.  No need to debate which is better, just an answer please.


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Hopefully. That'd be another possible let-down if there's no Hardcore option.

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Just as an FYI we've moved your thread to the clan section.

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There are 3 ways to earn Clan XP:

1) Play with clan mates in any game mode (core or hardcore)

2) Play in a Clan vs Clan - Not sure if this will support any hardcore modes but I think it is highly likely at this point to assume that it will at least have a couple of the standard hardcore game modes.

3) Play in Clan Wars. According to the Clans trailer at 1:13 you can see 3 HC modes available to choose from: HC:TDM, HC:KC, HCSmiley Very Happyomination.  Not sure what other modes will be offered but you should have at least those.

Thus based on this, you shouldn't have an issue finding ways to earn XP for your clan playing Hardcore. There may not be as many options as Core, but it's better than League Play in BO2 where it was only core.

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