Cod Ghost app not working!!

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For me, it just takes me on to the app store and tries to make me buy the Advanced Warfare App!

I don't have advanced warfare! I want to the call of duty ghosts app!

It's so stupid, as now you can do nothing in the way of updating your clan to give it a clan tag or something, the only thing you can do is name it! It's so useless! Activision need to do something about it, but they haven't...

It really annoys me as now they have effectively destroyed all new clans and the only clans that you can join are the ones that were created before the app went down.

If you search it on the app store, it doesn't even come up! Just shows the COD Heroes, and the AW app - neither of which I want!

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For all of you that have not read the other 20 posts on this issue. THE APP HAS BEEN TAKEN DOWN AND IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE. PER BEACHHEAD STUDIOS. There may be a update to allow clan management in game at a future  date but i doubt it.

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