Cod Ghost app not working!!

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App dont work app dont want to load my info ad ghosts ect

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Sorry, none of this will work as the app has been removed from service. There is no GHOSTS APP at all at the moment.Beachhead does not want to run 2 apps. Same as when this app came out the dropped ELITE. Same will happen with AW app.

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it never does work and if it doesnt its not right

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I Log in and it goes to a background with a skull. Nothing ever loads:/ tried all methods . Hopefully gets fixed soon

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What a bunch of slackers.  Test your product man.  This shouldn't happen every single clan war.

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Ive got exactly the same problem

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This is exactly what's happening to me!

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The app sucks a bag of D**KS, next time make it available online through a PC or Laptop. I hate using my phone at the best of times. And not everyone can afford the luxury of a nice tablet or phone after paying out for all your DLC

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Yeah, the app has its moments. It'll work flawlessly for the first day or so of clan wars, and then do EVERYTHING wrong after that. Currently, I have an "infinite load" on my iPod, "Unknown Error." on my iPhone, and my clan mate who has a windows 8.1 laptop is using the app and on the node we're battling over, it keeps jumping from the enemy clan having 2 points, to 4 points, to we have it captured, to them having 4 points again (without having taken us out of the lead after taking them out) to us taking it over, to them taking it over and us back at 4, all within one game's time.
There is NO way to know what nodes we have, what nodes they have, who has how many points... we may as well be playing clan wars blind with no app and just a random number generator deciding who wins. We are one win away from having the last non-diamond item, so it actually kinda matters to my clan this time around.

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All the info you need here:  Beachhead Studio (beachheadstudio) on Twitter

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