Cross-platform Clan Wars?

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Cross-platform Clan Wars?

Why are clan wars cross-platform when multiplayer isn't? I mean, I appreciate that I can compete with clans from all corners of the community, but there are fundamental differences in the experience from platform to platform. Currently my clan is trying to compete in our "bracket/division/grouping/whatever", but on PC, there are 2 people playing Hunted, and 5 playing Blitz. How is it even possible to compete with clans on other platforms when they are able to play at times when one platform can't? Yes, this is a rather whiny, "boohoo, it's unfair" post, but wouldn't same-platform clan wars have made more sense? Or cross platform multiplayer(obviously dangerous territory)?

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Re: Cross-platform Clan Wars?

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I guess I don't understand your argument. All clans are able to play at all times.  All game modes are available on all platforms. No one platform has an advantage.  If any of your teammates win a game in a node then you get a point independent of what platform they are playing on.

Please clarify where the "unfairness" comes in to play.

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Re: Cross-platform Clan Wars?

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I mean some MODES can't be played at all times. Due to lack of players. On PC there are many time periods where there aren't enough people to play some of the less popular modes. This is less frequent among consoles as there is a bigger player-base. So console clans can use that to their advantage.

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Re: Cross-platform Clan Wars?

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His point seems pretty self-evident. There's not enough players in some of the game modes on the PC to get a decent game going. I've yet to play Hunted because the most players I've ever seen in it is 5 people. I've played maybe 5 games of Blitz because most of the time it doesn't have more than a couple dozen people.

As I type this there is a grand total of 3,383 players in the game on PC with the breakdown being:

TDM 1,300

Cranked 23

Blitz 45

S&R 2

S&D 52

Infected 0

KC 21

DOM 545

Hunted 0

FFA 136

TT 0

GW 10


HDKC 153

HCS&R 105


Granted, this is 11PM EST, but it's not much better during the peak hours. Considering that the pool of players for any of these modes may be spread out worldwide the chances of ending up in a game with serious lag due to people being all over the place is very high. Particularly when you're looking at 23 people playing Cranked. If I want to play Kill Confirmed I have to go with Hard Core because there's just not enough people playing the standard game.

The only means I can see for a PC clan to be competitive is to add in lots of players who play on Xbox and Playstation even though we'll never actually play a game together. Otherwise we have no hope of capturing the nodes for lesser played game types.

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Re: Cross-platform Clan Wars?

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Further to your post, playing Ghosts on Xbox One is rather easy compared to Xbox 360. I purchased the Xbox One and borrowed the game as I intend to keep playing on the 360 with friends.

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