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So, as we all heard there is going to be a diamond division in clan wars. Sounds very fun!  You need to win 2 clan wars in platinum to qualify. Luckily my clan has. They will have more info to come. I have a couple questions if anyone may know:

1. Will you still get to try to earn the body count reaper, and body count uniform if you play in diamond division?  Will you get to earn the patch for that current clan war, if you play in the diamond division?

2. What will be the "rewards" or "unlocks" you can earn in diamond division. Will there be any patches for being in or qualifying for the diamond division etc?

This mode sounds very fun, 4 hours of intense gaming on fri, sat and sun. Reminds of the old competitions on MW3, those 4 hour battles were very fun and exciting.

So if anyone has any further info please respond. Thanks

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where did you hear this

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its on the call of duty ghosts apps. under "news". its on the main screen when you log in.

Just wanted to say also im loving ghosts, so fun to play.

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1. Yes, you will still earn the body count armour and all the patches in diamond. It's higher than gold.

2. Don't know about special patches.

My clan also qualifies for diamond. See you there! ART of WAR ELITE

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yep, see you there!!   guess we will have to wait to hear about more details.  i hope they give some more details soon, so our clan can make our decision.

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Its dumb how their rules are more fair than everyone else's, the rules for the diamond division should have been enforced at the start of the clan wars and across all divisions.   The reason why many clans haven't been able to win is all because of their unfair rules if letting unlimited members join after the start of the war and letting their wins count plus the unlimited amount of playtime a clan can put into the war, obviously the clan with the most people who have no lives will be guaranteed to win.  So sick and tired of incompetent people making stupid unfair rules.  If i really wanted to I could start a new clan with 3 members and have 97 members ready to join the day after the war starts, kick them out after the war ends and have them rejoin after the start of the next clan war, thats one way to guaranteed an easy win for myself, too bad I dont have the time and dont care to put the effort into cheating the system.  If they are going to give you stupid rules, I say take advantage of it.  It will teach IW/Beachead to make better decisions next time.  There was absolutely NOTHING wrong with the way clan ops was except they didnt have the 300,000 extra people playing 24/7 so to be greedy and make more money they came up with this clan war to make people play 24/7 with rules that makes no sense.  If its not broken, dont fix it!!!

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I have to agree with you. It's really quite dumb that to get into the Diamond division, "The best of the best" division, the division that will actually require your clan to be good, you have to have won 2 platinum clan wars when your clan doesn't even need to be good to win in Platinum. All it takes is racking up a ton of hours playing. I think they need to make this division style open to more players than just to those who spend 15 hours a day playing the game.

The Diamond division is really going to separate the clans that are actually good from the clans that just put in a ton of hours tough.

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I completely agree with roster locks should be in place and should have time limits on the games now. But I disagree with you about playing 15 hrs a day. I have 3 kids and full time job and my clan only had 3 people in it and some competitive clans that didnt wanna give up but were going to diamond.

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sorry you havent been able to win any.  i totally agree with you, roster locks should have been in place from the beginning for all clans in all divisions.  It was just a clan war of who could add more members, its not fair at all. My clan has never added any members while in a war. and yes, the new time limit is nice, but if you cant have your whole clan on during those 4 hours fri sat and sun then your kinda in trouble.  Which is going the be the case with my clan, ill only have on like 3 or maybe 4 of my members during those days.  But we are still going to give it our best shot in diamond anyway.  I wish you luck, just keep grinding with your clan and you may get one soon.

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At the moment my clan is certainly waiting on more details as with everything Beachhead spits out there give you almost ZERO details.  At the moment our biggest concern is how the 3 - 4 hour playing windows work.  So if each war is only 3 days with these 4 hour play windows do we get to pick when those windows are?  If we don't get to choose then regardless of the rewards we won't be playing in diamond.   Were eastern time zone players and due to family's and life usually only get to play evenings 8pm - 12pm.   That is when the bulk of our members are on if for some reason the game picks the times when you can play then its very possible we would have nobody online during these windows.

They also haven't talked at all about what the benefits are about playing in Diamond aka what special unlocks you can earn etc.. 

I'll be interested to learn more details since at the moment there are non.

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