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My clan was in diamond division at last clan wars but in this clan wars is playing in silver diamond why ? Maybe the system was freezing and now it sent my clan in silver division... please sent my clan {YNMP} in the diamond division immidiatly

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They changed the rules for this war (as advertised in the notes for the last war on the COD app).  Any Diamond clans that were inactive in the last war were unenlisted from the Diamond division and sent back to the Bronze through Platinum wars.  That's not to say that you couldn't have re-enlisted yourself in Diamond had you chosen to do so because you could have.  Basically Beachhead decided that too many Diamond clans weren't participating and they removed them to up the competition.  They also reduced the diamond field to 6 clan matchups instead of the normal 7.  I have to think that had more to do with the amount of clans that got purged than anything but I could be wrong about it.  So in the end you are stuck for this war in the Silver division.  Be sure to enlist back in Diamond for the next war if that is were you want to be.

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TThis happened to us also... We just re-up'd into diamond... We still don't have points, but only 2 teams in my war have points anyway....

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prob cuz you lost...while clans like mine are waiting for the diamond invite...we have won all three clan wars in platinum by over 100 points.    #R3V #RealDeal

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