Gold clan tags in Ghosts?

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Will clans that had the gold tag in BO2 keep it in Ghosts, like with MW3 and BO2?

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Hi , sorry to disappoint you , but as it's a whole new way of multiplayer, counters everyone is reset ...

   They have spoken vaguely that the following items will be unlocked or levels reached ...

  They should be in MW3 , that those who already have their clan Ghosts , or which have the status of founder, have points "XP" to put directly into their clan ...

  It would be much better they find other things to unlock as wallpaper , which could have been taken on MW3 ...

Yes redo the wallpaper , but why not the time saved and can accumulate to play doubles "XP" , another idea, why not camouflage for players or prestige (10) or a number and depending on the type of competition ...

           I hope you have answered , and perhaps you have cheer with my negative response to marqueuer "OR" ...

                      Cheers , good fun , good game .. 

                                                Phil . ( HarpeScorpion04 )

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For one, it is an entirely different clan. I'm not sure if your new clan even knows about your old clan and thus there are no unlocks due to your previous clans status or past accomplishments. I personally think that stinks as there is no way to show that my clan was level 50 in the past 2 games from right inside the site.

They have not indicated about the gold clan tags, though I would assume some sort of variation will be present. You will have to unlock your clan tag functionality (likely around level 10 for the clan based on past games) and they will be available on a first come first serve basis. It will not be tied to whether you had it unlocked in BO2 or MW3.

Per what Phil said, there will NOT be a founder XP bonus. That was only for MW3. There may still be some sort of indication that you are a founder, but it doesn't give your clan any benefit (that has been announced).

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It says clan tags are not unique and your current clan tag will be able to be used once your clan hits that level on Ghosts.

Call of Duty®:Ghosts Early Clan Registration FAQ

Q: Do I get to keep my Call of Duty® Elite Clan Tag?

A: Clan Tags will become available once players reach a certain Clan level in Call of Duty®: Ghosts. At this time, Clan Tags are not unique, and your current Clan Tag will be available as soon as you reach that level.

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Not really sure what the problem is here. In both MW3 and BO2 the clan tag was unlocked once the clan reached level 10. No different on Ghosts. Is it going to be gold, another color, or no color, we don't know.

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If you looked closely in the Clans video, shows Level 10 Gold Tag, Level 25 RED Tag! Nice little add on to easily distinguish higher level clans!

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