How do I kick classified members from my clan

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I have a classified member in my clan and it says he is Lt Commander, I don't know who this is and I want to kick them but when I click on the name it says player data cannot load, this is the only way I know how to kick someone, What can I do to kick them? Also I have an Xbox member I want gone, when I click on his name and then change it to xbox the app crashes, I tried this for days with the same result, what do I do?

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On the cod app go to the my clan page click on the helmet with the gear it in this is in the upper right hand corner . This puts you in the clan management page once there you can click on the roster you should have the option to kick or change role under everyone in the clan you do not need to load there profile just hit the kick member tab..   I had the classified member as well and this is how I got rid of it.

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I believe you can do it on xbox. Press Y for friends and scroll to the right until you see your clan and then click on the person you want and it should give you multiple options like kick from clan or change status.

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I have had this exact same problem, I was using the android app and I couldn't delete the person on the app or on the console,  so I thought I might try signing into the app on a iphone/ipod app... and long behold it worked, and I kicked that clan member... hope this helped )

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