Please give 1-3rd win credit in Antarctica due to app delays

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         I whole heartingly agree with the OP. I HAVE FIRST HAND KNOWLEDGE that something was going weary with the app. At the conclusion of the war my clan had 348cp and 2nd place had 344cp. Well after receiving my Stage patch but not my 3rd bc camo unlocked, I checked the app. It now says I ended with 322cp and the then 2nd place NOW 1st place clan still had their 344cp. WHERE did my 26cp for capping hcDOM more than 30 min prior to the end of the clan war GO????

          This is my 3rd clan war, having gotten 1st in Platinum in the 2 prior clan wars since starting this clan.

Do I feel I deserve 1st or atleast the BC camo associated with it???? YES!!!    Do I feel the app in some way was the problem??? YES. Will beachhead go and review all the cases like mine and change it???? NO       

      So what else can they do? HMMM maybe.... Award 1-2nd the bc camo cause NO ONE can HONESTLY say they didn't notice something iffy with the app this past clan war. NOW did it affect everyone???? NO.

BUT AGAIN beachhead isn't going to go and review all clan wars to see who really deserves it and who doesn't.

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I fail to see how you lost 39 points due to missing out on one node. maybe you should stop whining on here and get better at the game. our 18 man clan won ours by nearly 600 points.

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There were 3 different nodes where this happened.  I've just been outlining the one way that it did happen to prove the wins simply didn't count.  I actually would have been okay with not getting the nodes, benefit of the doubt, had our wins actually counted because then their defenses would have been quickly taken down. 3 nodes at 10, 20, and 9 CP = 39 CP.  And again, due to the wins not counting, we had to stop our momentum and work on their defenses that should have already been most down, instead of moving to another node.

And get better?  We had roughly 12 people play, (most of the time just about 9), against a clan that had 25 very active members and we ended with 630 CP.  And our win ratio is 74% so please just stop.

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we hit the exact same problem with the app, right at an important stage of the battle and I can say 100 % the wins counted as we capped the node and we went down 6 wins as the other clan finished their game behind us.

is it not possible that by getting the extra wins you just helped another clan neutralise the node so they could then cap it. It was down for a couple of hours easy to get 36 wins!

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My best advice is to contact Beachhead on twitter and ask them to look at it. I've seen clans gypped out of stuff by an app-fart compensated for it. Whilst I understand your frustration if what you say is true, you'll get zero help here. Venting done, go and bug Beachhead to look into this for ya OP. You too Rimeeeee, as I've seen scores in long-inactive wars fluctuate.

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This absolutely happened to us.  We were counting groups playing, wins and all of that.  Groups were reporting the results of games to "central command" when the app went down.  That dude was keeping track and then pointing us where to go.

The games we won never counted.  Guess what, neither did the other teams.  When the app was back up and running, we come to find out that a # of wins weren't accounted for (it was an open node), but then again it seemed like nobody's wins were accounted for either.

Not a big deal, we grinded a little deeper and won that node back.  Simple as that.  Maybe we lost a CP or two because of it, but I would assume that any other team playing during that time lost a few points as well.

Trust me, you didn't lose the CW because of this.  You lost because you failed to overcome the obstacle in front of your team and play on.  You chose to use this issue as an excuse as opposed to a motivation tool.

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It's good to know that someone separated from our situation and clan war knows exactly why we lost.  Thanks for enlightening me.

Their wins counted, ours didn't.  They won nodes we were set to win, and our wins didn't even count toward taking down their defenses.  With a clan war that came down neck and neck to the last day who could take a high CP node first, this absolutely was a contributing factor to us losing. We fought hard till the end, but this delay and glitch and wins not counting set us back and would have changed the outcome had it never happened.

I've made a solid case that it affected us more than them because it was during our peak time which means our momentum was affected in a greater way than those clans that weren't even playing.  You guys can keep posturing about something you know nothing of, accusing us of whining or giving up, but your ignorant and don't know what you're talking about.

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what was the final score of your war?

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There are two sets of issues here.

1. Beachhead did royally mess up with the app over the contest. Especially so during Friday around 6pm to 8pm ET. The entire app went more or less shut down. And yes, I know Beachhead said the wins were counting. But with larger clans, you can't tell. You have to trust Beachhead and well, no comment. But there are issues. If you are running larger clans (50 to 100 people), it becomes problematic playing this game without the app. You simply don't know where to send your troops. How long to keep them in a node? Do you stay an extra 10 minutes? 20 minutes? Send them here? There? You just don't know, because the app isn't telling you. And trying to keep track yourself with fifty people playing? Impossible. It's like trying to steer a car while blindfolded.

2. But awarding all top three clans a win? No. It's my guess that 99% of the clans who would benefit from this simply don't deserve it. I know the clans who finished 2nd and 3rd in our clan war don't. When we got hit the app problems, we just pushed through it. We kept playing and tried to guestimate where to go. It wasn't easy. It wasn't efficient. But we didn't quit. The 2nd place finisher in our clan war? They got frustrated and just accused us of cheating. The 3rd place finisher? They were NEVER in the clan war from day one. Our final Clan War result looked like this. Our clan was around 780, 2nd was 315 and 3rd was 187. So we won our fourth Platinum level, Heavyweight size clan war.

So for those pushing that everyone who finished 2nd or 3rd, should get a win there anyone on this board that can give me a legitimate reason those clans in my above example, who finished 2nd and 3rd place, deserve a 1st?

No. You can't. So to solve this, you just can't throw out participation 'winner'  trophies to everyone, to resolve a few isolated examples that were that close between 1st and 2nd place Again, in my example, the 3rd place clan was blown out on day one. And the 2nd place clan, while somewhat close initially, couldn't hang and resorted to whining about us cheating. Which is on par for about 90% of the clans in this Game. Things don't go your way, you blame someone else. You blame the first place clan for cheating. You blame Beachhead's app not working a few hours out of 120 hours. You blame anyone... but yourselves.

I'm not saying there aren't legitimate gripes out there. But your voice, the legit voices,  are swallowed up by the legions of whiners who won't shut up. And asking Beachhead to just give everyone something isn't the right way to fix it.

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the wrestler wrote:

I'm not saying there aren't legitimate gripes out there. But your voice, the legit voices,  are swallowed up by the legions of whiners who won't shut up. And asking Beachhead to just give everyone something isn't the right way to fix it.

This guy hits the nail on the head.  Well said and well laid out.

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