Question: how do I view my clan applications?

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I've been getting notifications from my app saying there are clan applications. How do I view them? Thanks in advance.

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on the cod app from the my clan page click on the helmet with the gear in it ( that's the clan management tab ) once on that page you will see applications with a number next to it , that is the number of applicants you can click on that and the next screen shows you who has applied to your clan and you can choose to accept or decline there apps

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As OUHATEMEsaid, using the app, go to my clan, click on the helmet with the gear in the top right corner and at the bottom of the list will be pending applications that shows how many you have. Open this and from there you will be able to accept/decline them.

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chris- i get alot of notifications that I have an application to review, when I do as the the other 2 members have indicated above, I see that there are actually no applications. Do not worry if you see that there are none - the person applying may have been accepted by another clan before you had a chance to review.Have fun- good luck!

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Just go to your app and open it....then click on "my clan" ...then in upper right hand corner click the helmet with the gear for clan settings and scroll all the way down where it says pending applications...then youre all must be clan leader or llieutenant of the clan to do this

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