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I've tried using the recruitment forum and I haven't got one member to join my clan, I also don't have any friends who I know who are getting Call of Duty: Ghost, anything else I can do to help promote my clan?

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1 - Your best source of recruiting is during game play. Play multiplayer a lot and talk to people in the lobby or on your team. That's how I recruited my 12 members in my clan and we managed to become a 2 time level 50 clan and out perform heavy weight clans. The size of the clan means nothing, it's the quality and dedication of the clan members that count.

2 - Don't get frustrated because you didn't get any members from the recruiting forum. Every clan on there is the best clan, easy going clan, structred clan with generals, officers, etc. LOL. It's the same advertising over and over.

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Will you be on the ps4 I'm looking to join a clan that will be on the ps4

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It will likely be a slow process.  If you really want to run your own clan, you need to make some friends while playing Ghosts. Pick out the good ones on your team and try to team up with them. Find people that are often on at the same time as you so you have people to play with.

Have a plan for your clan. Running a clan well is not easy and requires a lot of time on your end. Communication is key, especially now with the clan spanning 3 systems. I'd recommend creating a free website as well. I personally recommend They are adding in support for COD:Ghosts in the next few days. The clan site can enhance your clan if you use it properly. Keep it up to date. It provides a means of communication for you and your clan members independent of which platform they are on.

Have patience. Finding members is hard.  My clan was formed out of a lot of friendships that I already had and from a community that I was already apart of...thus it was easy for me to find 50+ members very quickly.  But finding others is really from word of mouth and talking with people I play with in game.

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