There is a clan called [Removed by Moderator].

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There is a clan called [Removed by Moderator].

Who are rude, arrogant, and downright [Removed by Moderator]. On the 360 they say they are the best and will kick anybody's rear. I beg to differ. Their leader's are [Removed by Moderator].

I would love for some real clan people to show them that they are nothing but manchildren thinking they are the best. Hopefully Clan [Removed by Moderator] will go down.

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Re: There is a clan called [Removed by Moderator].

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If you run in to users who are being unnecessarily hostile, then please report them via the first party service and in-game if applicable. Our forum, however, does not tolerate naming and shaming. Please refrain from creating a post similar to this gain.

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