When is the next Clan War?

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I believe that according to the schedule, should not the next clan war be this Wednesday the 12th? I have not seen it announced anywhere yet. Does anyone have any more info?


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where is this schedule?

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They really need to be more communicative in letting everyone know the schedule instead of telling us only a few days ahead of time

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based on the last couple clan wars it should b this week but its monday and still no news. id like to know this and if diamond division is starting this week as well. these day before or day of announcements are bs.

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CLAN wars are bi weekly. It's been this way since the beginning of clan wars.

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Yeah, it was hard at first to know but the truth is the bi-weekly schedule has been the pattern, and you'll probably get a notification tomorrow night that it's starting on Wednesday, and it'll go through Monday afternoon as per usual.

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So far, Activision has held a clad war every two weeks.  So yes, it's safe to be we will have one starting Wednesday Feb. 12th at 12:00 pm on the west coast.

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This is just off of twitter

In preparation for Diamond Division, the next Bronze – Platinum Clan War kicks off on Wednesday, Feb 19.

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Would be nice to give us the twitter handle so we could verify your remarks?

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@beachheadstudio would be the twitter handle to follow.  It's on their page.

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