having trouble recruiting maybe the name?

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I started a clan and get a lot of ppl looking but nobody joins could it maybe be the name.the name is Tactical Zombies give ur opinion on the name and what u think might be a kool clan name.

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If your having trouble recruiting could be several things . First are you recruiting here GHOSTS CLAN RECRUITMENT and are you putting the right information in your recruitment thread ? Are you recruiting at times when your thread will be seen by your target group? Read some of the other recruitment threads you will some good and some bad and try to improve yours..

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Why bother recruiting on here. recruit ingame, ask people who have no clan tag on if they want to join your clan

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Getting started is tough.  I'd say that there are a few things that you need though.  A good name is one of them.  Yours is fine but Zombies is more of a 3arch thing and a number of IW guys don't like 3arch.  So it could be holding you back.  Maybe.  Maybe not.

You need to lead the way.  If your playtime isn't high then a number of people won't consider you just because they will be worried about you not taking things seriously enough for them to get the good stuff.

Also, as Guy has mentioned, the best place to recruit is online.  Go all beastmode in some matches and you might even have guys singing your praises like I did the other night after dropping two Helo pilots and a Loki in a clutch comeback win with a bunch of randoms.  I wouldn't count on the singing though.  It only happened to me once but I had to throw it in there.  It's not hard to find recruits when you've just dominated a lobby.  I like to look for guys both on my team and on the opposing team that were able to keep up with me.  Then I check their playtime to see if they are actually going to be online enough to be useful.  Since you are just starting out you might not care too much about their playtime.  So long as you have a few warm bodies on the roster to get things started for clan wars.  But send them a note letting them know that you like how they played and offer them a spot in the clan if they like.  It's a numbers game really.  Some guys won't have any interest and others will be glad to join.  You just have to keep putting it out there and eventually things will take off.

I would also recommend having a mic and using it when you run into lobbies that are using them.  Sometimes personality and working together well is all that you need to get guys to want to join you.

Lastly, from time to time you'll pick up a good person or two from your forum posts.  But I wouldn't count on it being the end all be all for your recruiting.  There are some really good guys out there that will read it but there are a lot of guys that you will have to weed through to find them.  And remember to check a persons stats.  People will tell you lots of things online that just don't hold up to reality.

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I like the name. It makes more sense, in a honoring history perspective, than a lot of the Clan names out there.

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