invite your clan member URL's dont work

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Just tried the URL's that are generated to share with people to bring to your clan.  When you click on it says the URL doesn't exist.  Anyone had the same problem?

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Same for my clan mates.taking over my clan rooster from elite to ghosts has failed,so i shared  the link to them.they said after using the link they get not exist or they getting linked to the main page.btw,i see the massage congratulation you have reserved your clan,my mates see the massage your clan leader has not registered to ghosts yet?.i created new links and its the same result.everything new is broken,this is happening for years now.

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K, I found in the FAQ that it says they will not offer direct invitations to clan members (except auto populate) from the registration page during the pre-registration period. Come November 5th we will have full functionability, Sounds like you can give those links to people that aren't in your clan and they should work, haven't tried that yet. But the link will not work for those already in your clan.

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I created my clan during this early registration period and when I auto-populated to carry my current team over to the Ghost team it failed, invitations link also fails to direct my team members any where as well.

Beachhead still coding elite?

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Yes, since Friday, I either can not be "First errivé , First served " . ! Sorry but as I said , Activision is not able to sustain such a game like Call of Duty ... We have seen evidence of MW3 , and say about BO2 ...

  But the real question is , since there who manages to create their clan Ghosts ... But with any platform , why just a minority ... whether in France , Belgium , Germany and very few in England ( like yours, bizarre is the country where there are officials from Sony , Activision and those of)

   But hardly anyone still unable to create clan Ghosts ... What will they offer . ? For Friday I already up for discussion that we were already losing 4 days of registration clan ...

      Plus it does not give the same answers the blocking .. refresh the page , the site is down for maintenance or server error ...

          No information on their forums to explain the situation , and for such time everything will be 100% operational ...

                                     Phil . ( HarpeScorpion04 )

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