kicked out of my own clan?

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i am leader of my own clan but ever since i downloaded the call of duty app i am no longer in my clan, i cant go on clan details it says "classified" yet the other girls in my clan say that when they go on clan details i am still there as commander. i have tried to unlink and delete all cookies and then re link it as i heard that work but nothing happens. i have tried too talk to a "live agent" on the activision website but the chat is never live. can anybody help me please?

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exact same thing happened to me, in the end activision had to kick me from the clan then re joined

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If a live agent isn't available you can try via the support link at the bottom of this page, or by talking to @ATVIAssist on Twitter and they'll sort you out.

Typically clan members become "classified" following them linking/unlinking multiple game accounts to their Call of Duty profile. That's not the only reason it happens, but is the most common and it is being worked on at present.

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The samething happened to me, if you find out how to get your own clan back, then please let me know. Thank you.

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