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I just saw this tweet from Beachhead... not sure if this is an error you guys are getting:

If you've had a "Not authorized" error when managing your clan with the #CODGhosts App please try again and let us know if you have problems

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Hi. Has anyone figured out this problem yet? Re-installed app, using PS3 also, with Galaxy Note 3.

My main profile loads fine, but the second PS3 user gives this error. Going NUTS!!!!!!

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I haven't heard any updates, but it sounds like people are still having the issue. Communication is not their Forte so who knows where it stands at this point.

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My clan is registered and I have had clan join requests which I accepted and that worked fine.......... BUT I can't invite anyone.... my friends invites tab on Xbox is locked and they aren't getting my invites... or are "unable to accept at this time please try again later"               FIX THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sounds like your issue isn't really related to the topic at hand. Either way, see #12 in the thread below for my understanding of why the Invites tab gets locked.

As for why they are getting the error, all you can really do is try again later as it suggests or if it persists, I would recommend contacting @ATVIAssist or @beachheadstudio on twitter. Posting on here likely won't get the attention of the developers that you need (they could possibly read them but they NEVER post on here).

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try unlinking and relinking ur account here worked for my friend

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I'm getting this message now, after the update on Ghosts ?!?!?!

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same here

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If anybody is having an issue with this do the following;

1) go to call of duty sight and log into your account. if you are synced to your system, unsync, and then re-sync.

2) open the app, and if you are signed in, sign out. if not signed in go to next step.

3) click on the create account setting below the sign in area

4) resync your account to your system

that should do it, as i did this and it worked for me. after being kicked out of my clan, losing all my stuff, and not playing clan wars. im now back up and running, and the app is fine. good luck.

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Thank you very much! I would have never thought of that. Happy Killing SpreesSmiley Happy

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