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soo, im having the same problem, I had everything set up, had a clan and everything, decided to log out, then I come back to try to log in and BAM!! I cant, I log in then it tells me, "play youre first match and come back and log in" and it only gives me a log out option under that, ooh, and the best part is that im a Master Prestiege allready, I need help with thiss app, anyone?? (/.\)

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log out, then click on create an account on the log in screen on the app. once on that choose the psn selection on the screen, then just resign into your account and when you go back to the app screen you should be working fine. basically its like resetting ur sign in on the app.

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Did that loaded looked fine then went back to screen you've played no multiplayer matches.? Wtf

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