playing in both diamond and platinum division?

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if my clan has opt in for diamond division, how do i play in the platinum division also? is the patch reward the same in diamond?

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YYou can only do one or the other each clan war . And yes if you go diamond even if you don't win you will get the territory patch. If you have the cod app for ghosts you can verify it there in the news feed. Haven't seen anything about different patches for diamond yet.

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platinum will be wed thu monday while diamond is friday thu sunday the same week. u cant be in both but since diamond is higher than gold u should still get body count as well as warcry gear. should still get patches in diamond.

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Like what OUHATEME said!

At first, though, I thought it was unfair how they give us (Diamond Division qualifiers) the location patch for free but my guess is that there will be new patches released sometime this week for winning the location in DD. By doing this some clans could have been upset that they cant get the location patch so to stop this outcry they have made it an automatic reward upon placing in Diamond.

I'm happy to hear that Bodycount camo can also be earned alongside war cry camo but I do feel that War Cry should be given to 1st place winners in DD whereas Body count should be given for a 1st-3rd place finish. I think this because at the end of the day you are going up against THE BEST when placing in DD. Anyone agree?

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