red clan tag meaningless now.

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Re: red clan tag meaningless now.

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For this installment of clans beachhead has made it clear real clans are anywhere from 3-100 members regardless of anyone's opinion,, in the past only the top six had there scores count in clan ops so opinions will vary for each installment of it. As fars as clans having issues or complaints it hasn't favored one size or the other.

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Re: red clan tag meaningless now.

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I know its your opinion and thats fine but I find it amazing that anyone says a clan of 100 members is actually a clan!!!! how many of those members have actually played together? how many of those members have actually spoken to each other?

I personally much prefer a smaller clan, we have about 20 - 30 members in our clan and about 10 in our Call of duty Clan we play BF4, FIFA N4S etc aswell not just cod. We accept anyone into the clan as long as your over 18 plus happy to get on Mic ( we use teamspeak to communicate) if your not willing to do this then your out simple.

We have had the same core 10 - 15 players since MW2, and we meet up once or twice a year, usually at Eurogamer, we share single player games between ourselves as they usually only take a couple of days to complete, and every evening we will have at least 6 people online playing something, and the most important thing is we have fun. IMO thats a real clan.

If we got to 100 people that wanted to use teamspeak and enjoy playing with us then fine, but i can't see it happening. I would never join a clan of 100 people just for red clan tags or emblems, how is that fun?

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Re: red clan tag meaningless now.

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1. I don't have any 'vendettas'.

2. We can ballpark how many clans are tiny-squads.

The app (when it was working), before last weekend, showed 5,650 clans, that had scored a Diamond Leaderboard point. That means there were approximately 11,000 or so clans that have joined up in the Diamond Division, ALL clans. I arrived at that second number, by estimating that about half of each contest's pools have 3 to 4 clans not scoring a point. So the 5,650 is not catching every clan that competed, the 'true' number is much higher. I would guess it's around 11,000 or so clans. This is the total number that has tried Diamond. We do know how many have tried the  46 to 100 person category. It's 184 clans. That's how many are sitting with 46 to 100 right 'now'. So using the same logic, probably around 360 total clans have tried this category.

Either way, we can work backwards to say that 96.7% of the clans out there are smaller than 46 people. I'm on pretty safe ground in guessing that 80% of the clans are less than 12 or fewer people.

3. Who I am to say what the constitutes a clan? I am nobody. So my opinion is just that, just mine.

How does Beachhead define it? They will say it's 3 to 100 people, but that's because they are trying to cast as big of net as they can. Their jobs are on the line. So they will try to include as many people as possible. If they make people actually put work and effort into something, 95% of the people will not bother trying. And if no one plays, Beachhead doesn't have any work to do. Remember, this is CoD. Where the world's single largest collection of 'quitters' reside. It's CoD. Why put effort into getting better, when you can dashboard/quit, to protect your stats. Why work, when you can fake it.

But that said..... I have two eyes and can see what Beachhead set out to do. I think we all can. And if anyone has played ClanWars, they know part of the 'game' is organizing your people. Coordinating your people. Giving out orders on what node to strike. Dozens of other types of tactical types of decision making. These were all things Beachhead put forth in the game, to make it fun. And I know that when you play with only six people, you pretty much bypass all of those things that make it game. You are skipping out on (what I feel) was the true intent of Beachhead's plan.

Do you realize how easy is to coordinate yourself and five friends in a six person party, playing CoD? A person could score points in a 6-person 'clan' without even realizing they are competing, that's how easy it is.. Especially when compared to all the effort and work that some of the bigger clans are putting into things. I don't mean to be disparaging to those in six person groups, but it's idiot proof when running things. There's no work involved, very little tactics and no real thinking. You simply show up and play with your bro's. Done. I saw four score sheets from friends who have six person clans. They had 2, 2, 3, and 2 teams show up to compete. In three of the cards, I don't even know how Beachhead assigned a third place, as no one showed up.

Does anyone on this board really think , when talking about ranking 'clans''s even remotely comparable to put the 3 to 5 person groups in the same sentence with some of these highly organized, larger, real clans? It's silly to rank them together. It's like putting a North Dakota State Community College, south campus basketball team, the same basketball rankings with Kentucky and Arizona, just because each school each has three wins each.

These are just my opinions. Nothing more.

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Re: red clan tag meaningless now.

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Those small 6 man clans are also playing small 6 man clans. That's why there is a bracket. So whatever benefit they would have against a clan that does need to coordinate & implement strategies would be in fact, null.

I didn't doubt your ability to make wild assumptions on the activity of clans during CWs, though. But yes as previously stated I understand your opinion. You can't expect BH to deny the vast majority of players the right to participate in CWs.. no matter what you might think is unfair.

Before you take my response in a negative light,  let me just say I'm the leader of a DD clan with 17 active on my roster. So I know exactly where you're coming from when you say it takes more skill to organize a larger team. I'll leave it at that.

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Re: red clan tag meaningless now.

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And I don't mean to be a distraction on the thread, but LifeSong up there, he raised the point originally, when he said...

"And here's why I say that.  It is easier to have a team of 4-5 extremely dedicated players than a team of 50 dedicated players.  That team of 4-5 is more likely to win their clan wars as they are all dedicated....the team of 50 requires a lot more people to be dedicated."

LifeSong is 100% correct.

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Re: red clan tag meaningless now.

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if you take away the camo rewards for CW you would lose mass players playing CW... you would also lose mass players that play during CW such as those like myself who typically do not play during CW, then you would lose players to play against to even win your clan war... if you want to be technical, i'm ok with that, take out the small clans, but a clan war is a clan war and it should actually be played against other clans.  so yea, sure, take out the smaller clans, but i don't want to play your 6 member clan in a random public lobby, have it be clan v. clan in a clan lobby.

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Re: red clan tag meaningless now.

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All clan rewards are meaningless in this game.  When the Gold tag was rare, however short a time that was, people would rapidly leave the lobby when your team showed up.  Same goes with Red.  People run.  The patches and emblems?  Who cares about them anyway, 99% of them are just plain dumb.

The only things that are remotely kind of neat are the camos/etc.  But, even those aren't that great because the War Cry suit puts a huge target on you in this game with the dull colors and there's mister yellow chicken running around.  Same for the red helmet and mask.  The Clan Rewards are all useless in this game...

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Re: red clan tag meaningless now.

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biggirl123 wrote:

Since the Clan wars has started rewarding xp to the top 3 clans there has been an increase in clans with red clan tags. I think that the amount that is rewarded in clan wars is too ridiculous. A clan that is lvl 17 can win diamond division just once and get to lvl 20 something after just one war. This renders the red clan tag meaningless for other clans such as mine where we worked our a**es off playing constantly and winning games. I think that the xp reward amount should be greatly reduced by at least half the amount it is which is about 450,000 for first place in diamond division.

when did it hold any meaning in the first place? Its only a color, doesn't "mean" anything except my clan has reached the top. What does that mean? You play allot? You are better? what? ---- again it means nothing

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Re: red clan tag meaningless now.

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I agree completely!
I suggest 1st (150.000), 2nd (100.000) and 3nd (50.000) - DD

1st (100.000), 2nd (50.000) and 3nd (25.000) - Platinum / Gold

1st (50.000), 2nd (25.000) and 3nd (15.000) - Silver / Bronze

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Re: red clan tag meaningless now.

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Giving out Cxp helps the clans with less members get to the holy grail of max level. we only have 16 members and would of taken us forever to get to max but because of winning in DD we achieved it last clan war. Why should we have to have 100 members to be able to get to max quickly? I don't want to fill my clan with randoms who can cause all sorts of problems. the amount of Cxp you need to level up should be relevant to your clan. you could have brackets like in clan wars

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