xBox and PSN in Same Clan Wars? Why?

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xBox and PSN in Same Clan Wars? Why?

One thing my clan and I have noticed is that there is a large gap in the CP's for those that play on PSN. It seems as though, because they have much less competition through a smaller network of playlist members.

In this current war for instance, there is a gap in the Platinum division for our particular group of clans of first three places that are all on PSN as follows:




Then it drops dramatically for the first xbox clan in 4th with 138, and then us in 5tth with 129. And we have a lot of members, and try to be very active during the clan wars. But there is no way humanly possible for us to compete fairly with a completely different network of users that don't have near the level of competition that we have on xbox.

No I'm not complaining or crying because we are not in the top three. But I do think I bring up a good point about the merging of the networks together fort he clan wars. If you have the capability to separate clans based on the level of game play they have and the overall performance, I would think you have the ability to separate the clans by network played on.

I don't know, Does anyone else notice this same thing? Anyway, just let me know what you think.


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Re: xBox and PSN in Same Clan Wars? Why?

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I Would say its who your against not what platform they are on,,, we are on Xbox and have won all of our clan wars platinum and diamond and we have gone against other clans from other platforms (not going to win this one though) . I'm sure there are plenty of psn users that can show the top three being xbox clans . So Ide say it's who your against rather than what platform they are on..I know just wanted to say that twice . The only one in the past that I have seen any exceptions for due to population would be the PC users.

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Re: xBox and PSN in Same Clan Wars? Why?

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To be honest I'm not sure how accurate your numbers are.  To say the PSN doesn't have near the level of competition that we have on xbox is probably just not very accurate. I'm an Xbox guy myself.  But also, keep in mind they may not just be Xbox or PSN or PC clans but can now be a mix of any/all of these systems and not just one. Thus, they can't truly separate them as they changed clans from being on one system to being cross platform with the release of Ghosts. 

To do what you are asking, they will have to go back to the old way of having clans only be on one system or by one network (XBL, PSN, Origin/Steam). I don't see that happen and if it does it won't be till the release of the next COD game...but I highly doubt this will happen.

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Re: xBox and PSN in Same Clan Wars? Why?

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???? Youre Asking What ??? Its just the PC clans that should not be matched up against Console Clans, due the lack of Players (8000 peakhour) matchmaking is an disaster, then the Huge amount of Hackers on PC , makes play a CLANWAR almost impossible.

Yes the best way is skip Cross Platform and give every platform there own league.

Beachhead says for the Fun report every Cheater ingame, Tell me How the Hell can i Report a Cheater on a PSN platform While we are Playing on PC???  I only can make a note on Twitter @beachheadstudio but if they not respond or take no action What can we do??? we saw this clanwar an Polish PSN clan Taken a Node with 44 defends and also 44 wins needed, so 88 wins in total taken in only 35 minutes, most players of that PSN clan have a K?D above 3 and W/L above 1.9 and mostly played not more then 100 hours but have Toprank Prestige 10 , Yeah sure a very very very good Clan. kuch kuch.

Forgot to mention, they have only 16 members at the beginning of the war.

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