[360][XBONE][USA] Buy More is now recruiting for Call of Duty Ghosts! Join up with the H3rd today!

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[360][XBONE][USA] Buy More is now recruiting for C...

Are you currently looking to join a clan?  Are you looking to merge your clan with another?  Please take a moment to stop and consider the Xbox 360 & Xbox One, North American clan, Buy More.  We are an organization filled with people from many different backgrounds, joining forces under the banner of our shared love for the game.  As of the posting of this thread on December 18, 2013 we have over 20 members.

We are a more casual group than some you will find on this forum, but within our ranks we have some of the most talented Call of Duty gamers that I have had the privilege to know.  We make every effort to participate in all Clan Wars, and whenever our schedules permit we play Clan vs Clan.  Join us, and I promise you that leadership will not harass you demanding your participation in every event.  Give it a solid effort, and we'll call it good.  Unlike some groups, we do not kick our members if they can't afford to pay their internet bill one month or if they decide to take a weeks vacation and miss an event.  I, and all of my Officers share a common belief in taking care of our own.

We do NOT tolerate hackers, cheaters or dishonest players.  We hold our members to a high standard, and if you join us you will be expected to meet the same.  If you are the type to talk trash to your teammates or start arguments, please go elsewhere.

If you are interested in joining, please message me at my Xbox LIVE gamertag listed below.  Thanks for stopping by guys, and good hunting!

Darth Revan1990

Buy More

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