CoD Ghosts Brixham Massive Clan Recruiting Now! All platforms! USA & UK Accepted! Lvl 15 Clan! All You need is 1+ K/D!

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CoD Ghosts Brixham Massive Clan Recruiting Now! Al...

Hello, I'm CoRzA Co-Leader of the Brixham Massive clan. We need more members. We've already won two clan wars before but with only 20 members it makes us hard to win in diamond but easy in gold. XBOX ONE is what we mainly play on but will accept members from all platforms. Please state your console(s). We are hoping to get as many members as we can.

To appy, go to the CoD app and type in the search bar 'Brixham massive'. Then it should come up with our clan. Click it the apply stating your K/D, W/L, MIC, and console.

All you need is a 1+ K/D!

You also need to be VERY active when clan wars is on.

Our clan leader will see your app asap.

First and good members in are likely to get promoted first.

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