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Hello fellow Gamers, I am "G". The Leader/Founder of G-Nation. Let me tell you a little bit about me, I am 26 years old, I stream on Twitch.Tv everyday. I play with a lot of really good players everyday. We are looking to expand our roster with other Elite dedicated players. Not only for CoD Ghosts but also Advanced Warfare. G-Nation will work hard to be one of the greatest pubstomping clans out there, as well as professional at the same time.  G-Nation is not just going to be just another clan like many of the thousands out there, it will be a clan that serious gamers meet because of our raw talents. Still not convinced? Here are some perks for you to consider:

Be apart of the LIVE stream, so others can see your talent.

Be apart of a well organized clan, that is Tryhard but chill while ripping there enemies apart.

Be apart of a clan that has huge goals and motivation to go far in the Gaming Industry.

Be apart of mature players not just a bunch of little 2 year olds.

If your interested in becoming apart of G-Nation, there will be some rules to follow.

No Racism

Must have Headset

Must have 1.5 K/D or higher on Ghosts (Until AW comes out)

Must be team player willing to listen to teammates orders.

Must have respect and be dedicated to playing Call of Duty.

Fill out the application on G-Nation if you think you got what it takes. G Nation - FORUMS

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