Help me get 360 k/d 1.71

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Help me get 360 k/d 1.71

Whats up,

Just bailed on a losing clan n figured I'd try to start or join a smaller one. Not much on req's besides have a positive kd, mic and be mature. If you want to help get 1 started from the beginning or have a good smaller clan msg me BloodDrunkard

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Re: Help me get 360 k/d 1.71

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we'd be more than happy to have you over at TAP

we're still pretty young in terms of clan wars but are hoping to build on last weeks 2nd place finish

I'd post requirements but you already fit them haha

message one of us on Facebook

or directly on XBL: GT is: Akalakamelee or CJ11d7

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Re: Help me get 360 k/d 1.71

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Hey Blooddrunkard.  I dont know how else to reach you but we just did a merge with a good and active xbox360 clan.  I sent you an invite to join back up but that should really help with the active players on that console.  I made their clan leader Lt Commander of the xbox360 so you dont have to worry about that.  Just play.  We will definitely win this next war.  Hit me up man and rejoin.



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