ICEn clan recruiting for GHOST on ps3

Ghosts Clans Recruitment


Tired of playing solo online with bad teammates or friends that don't play the objective; then join ICEn clan! ICEn short for Icing. Icing means The act of shooting someone at gun point and killing them. (ICEn) We are recruiting members of with very good skill level from across the nation the country. We aren't just some clan that only plays on PSN together, we also interact with other members with many features!  Sharing phone numbers/ Facebook/ Twitter/ and ect...

Like I said before, we accept players with 1.9/ 2.0 kd's or higher, with or without a mic (mic would help) but the only TWO requirements is that you are 18+ and must have 1.9 KD or higher KD some exceptions We are also interested in people that are good with recording/editing videos to post on our youtube channel along with people that are good with graphics. 

There are many benefits in joining the clan and some of them include

-socializing with new people; make new friends.

-A system with ranks

-Friendly members to chat with.

-Members that are skilled in modern warfare games

If you're interested in joining a fun and legit clan. A clan that knows what to do. Then join our ICEn clan

We hope to see you there,

I speak from Experience when i say this.

-I'm Recruiting Pro and i mean Pros only, Not someone who thinks they are good just because they get lucky shots etc...
-I'm looking for team players that can follow orders.
-I'm looking for pro players with a strategic mind and can gather a win in the worst situation.
-I'm looking for Active players who loves to play on any given day.
-I'm Trying to create a quality clan.
-I'm a serious with player, and I mean business. And looking for clan members that feel the same way.
-If someone leaves the clan, there's no coming back, they lost their chance!
-I'm looking for players that can clutch in a 3v1
-Microphone, those devices are possibly the best thing you can buy with money (even better than gold weapons)
Communication is the key
-New recruits must have patience, instead of rushing the enemy base when they're camping
-I've seen a clan try recruiting pro players but accidently pick up hackers too, I'm keeping a eye on hackers.
-I'm Recruiting players that has experience in teamview
-WE ARE CLAN DRAMA FREE if problems pop up I'll Get rid of any in clan drama, I will find out the source of the problem and eliminate it(I will try my best to communicate to resolve clan drama even if that means kicking out a player)

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