Impolite warfare (360) Diamond Div (CA/US)

Ghosts Clans Recruitment

Impolite Warfare


Currently just on the 360. when one of my LTS get the one we will be on both consoles


-.0.90 KD or higher

-Must be able to play core/hardcore

-raging ok

(just don't leave mid game)

-Must have mic

-Participate in clan wars.

-English speaking

About us:

- 21 members

-max clan level
-Platinum division-
We have always placed 1st,2nd or 3rd
-Diamond Division-
We have always placed 2nd
(our goal is to place 1st one day)

To join

Please add GT as well send a message stating you want to join

Final Note:

We will not kick you out because you have kids/job/school or well a life but you will be removed for Cheating, hacking,glitching, boosting, modding and going MIA for two clan wars in a row.

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Nice! Clan level??? How many members do you got so far? Is this an active friendly clan? I can only play nights PST, mostly on Wednesdays,Thursdays, and Fridays will that be a problem?

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We have now created a clan forum!

Applications are currently being accepted for new members!

Requirements to be accepted:

-You must be 16 years old or older.

-Be able to play Hardcore and Core game modes (Some of which you may not like).

-Light on cursing(Not mandatory-preferred.)

-Have a regular headset/microphone.

-Willing to participate in Clan Wars.

-English speaking players only, for optimum communication.

We hope to see you join our ranks soon!

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Would you mind a temporary member? I'm looking to do some Clan Wars as practice. Never played Ghosts competitively, but I did League Play in Black Ops 2. I'm glad you don't tolerate immaturity, which is mainly why I want in. If things work out, I may stay for good, but I don't want to commit to my first clan before I join it.

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I'm interested. I'm not a pro player but I know how and when to mow people down when they're near our team's objectives.

AS for play style, I prefer to play as a team supporter rather than a rusher. You can expect me to run around defending objectives or playing conservatively, yet accurately, when it comes to DOM, dropzone, blitz, or KC.


- Rage quitters

- People who play for kills rather than K/D

- Negative attitudes

- People WHO DO NOT TRY DURING CLAN WARS (Seriously, it's hard to work with my old clan especially during the latest clan war)

Anyway, if you are looking for a fairly consistent player, I'm the one.

360 GT: thebrickbear

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I'm interested I have 1.036 GT: RoadRuner X

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Recruiting once again. we play mostly in the evening. most from the us and about 3 of us in canada.
female clan leader (me) I am the oldest as well 27yrs old. our age range from 16 to 27years old.
Looking for people who are semi competitive. please send a message to myself Dig1talDolly with a message that you want to join.
i will be on 8pm mountain time that is 10pm eastern

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