Level 23, Diamond Division, PS3, UK White Cobra wants YOU!!!

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Level 23, Diamond Division, PS3, UK White Cobra wa...

Hey guys, basically anyone is invited to join, i don't mind if you're good or bad, as long as you abide by the clan rules everything will be fine and fun!!

- If invited by Myself the Clan leader or any LT commander, you MUST join, or you get kicked, unless you're afk or have valid excuse.
- Must be on Daily, if not every other day,
-Must be online through out of clan wars, UK time 7pm till 11pm, you are required to be on 30minutes early.
-No Calling other plays in the clan ****, or saying you're the best (this could cause arguments and even if you're the best player in the world, i'll kick you, no boasting please, we want humble people)
-if you want to play alone and don't want to play as a clan, tell someone don't just let them keep inviting you if you have no intention of joining.

About the clan-

- Fairly new clan.
-PArticipated in 3 clan wars, 2 platinum and 1 Diamond
-Came second in Diamdon division
- Looking to come first this upcoming diamond division
-Almost all players are daily players, if not they have a good reason to be.

i hope this isn't too much for you guys, we have fun when playing together, we joke around, we play any game mode mostly, TDM, DOM, SnR if you want to play something else thats fine too.

Send a friend request to -      Mr_Ber_94

or apply through the app to the clan name     White Cobra

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