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Looking for Ps3 Clan

Hello all.

I am looking for an active clan that is Platinum Division with a clan level of 11 or higher.

I'm a great team player and have a mic.

I have a 2.48 kdr and a 6.12 win ration.

Feel free to inv me to clans via COD app or message me in game. (Willing to tryout as well)

Psn: iBeast_It_Up


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Re: Looking for Ps3 Clan

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Simplicity Gaming


A Competitive Call of Duty Community

Playstation 3

Live Simple.  Kill Simple.


If you’re interested in joining the Simplicity community, please visit our main forums at SimplicityGaming.com and post an application under ourApply to Simplicity thread.

Xat Chat Link: Welcome_to_Simplicity chat group - A Competitive Call of Duty Community

Requirements to Join

Ghosts K/D ratio of 1.5 and Ghosts W/L ratio of 1.5

Team Stats:

Team K/D- 2.1

Team W/L- 75%

Simplicity Gaming was founded in November of 2013 by four, dedicated, Call of Duty players with over 15 years of clan leadership between them.  Simplicity Gaming was formed on having both an emphasis in competitive play and a sense of community.  Too often, clans are able to achieve one of these aspects, but not both.  A competition-driven clan becomes too large overtime and a sense of community is lost in the process.  On the other hand, a clan that focuses on fun and casual gaming is limited to just that.  They are unable to get into the competitive scene without doing a major overhaul of their clan’s structure and membership.  We believe we have found that perfect mix of both.

At Simplicity, we are looking for Call of Duty players that share the same dedication we do.  We want players that are willing to grow in their gaming skills and bring those skills to the competitive scene, but in the process, make friends and have an awesome time as well.

Please don’t hesitate to visit our forums or Xat chat.  Both links are listed above.  If you have any questions about Simplicity Gaming, feel free to post on this thread, private message one of the founders (Kab, Conman, Cat, and Sizy) on our forums, or stop by the Xat chat and see if someone is around.  We’ll be more than happy to help assist you in any way possible.

Simplicity Gaming is a competitive, Call of Duty community that only plans on growing in the months and years to come.  We have the experience and drive to make Simplicity Gaming the best Call of Duty community out there, and want you to be a part of that journey as well.

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Re: Looking for Ps3 Clan

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if your 30 or older from usa minds of evil r looking for players male or female message ssmokinjoe or havoc-leader1 on psn

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Re: Looking for Ps3 Clan

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I'm only 18, thanks though.

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Re: Looking for Ps3 Clan

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We'd love to have you on the team.  We currently have 65 members and and compete in the Platinum Division of Clan Wars.  Feel free to contact us via the COD app (Made U Quit) or on Facebook (www.facebook.com/MadeUQuit).


Ray (BinLadensGhost)

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Re: Looking for Ps3 Clan

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Hey. I might have a clan you are interested in. We are called Rage Quit 4 U. We are a platinum clan, and we just won the first clan war. We have guys on every night, and we play the objectives. Most of us are college aged guys looking to win and make those who play against us rage quit. I think you would have a great time. Message aceman5434 or Ap3lchriszp on PSN if you may be interested.

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Re: Looking for Ps3 Clan

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About xVeX:


Clan KD is 1.78 and WL is 3. Still rising. Our clan win loss percentage is 80.

Rank number 2 in Platinum division. We owned everything. Aiming for 1st next round.

Game battles.

Gold clan tags, clan war patches.

Members on everyday at any time..

Organized/Strategic with ability to face any challenge!

We have members in USA, Canada and Greenland. We speak English, French, Arabic and Greenlandic.

Clan chat with EVERYONE during clan wars/Multiple teams playing at once so no member is alone.

Any possible recruits are admitted through CLAN DECISION.

What we provide:
Friendly and open
atmosphere with advice given to make our clan members better everyday!

No fights amongst members, we settle our differences like adults.

Relaxed/Friendly experienced leaders willing to advise/help at any time. We make it our mission to make sure our members are happy, accomodated & ready to go!

Players in all time zones

spanning the U.S. and Canada.

We are competitive and we like to win, but we also make great friendships along the way as we all get along.

High ranked on leader boards for SnR & SnD but are branching out.

People wanna talk smack? We have your back and we get that win.

What we're looking for:

1.70 & up KD, positive win loss, who are team players.

Both male and female gamers, SO RESPECTFUL/MATURE PLAYERS ONLY!

Mic preferred for call outs (We will teach you them if you do not know).

We are at 23 members but are looking for more to have a competitive edge on CLAN BATTLES.

We are seeking active players who are chill, know how to play, ready to become better players.


About xVeX leaders:

Flippz017, K.D 2.16, Female, U.S.A.: General Recruitment

I am always on and willing to listen to any issues that arise.

I moderate the FB and the elite forum posts and assign teams.

LezBeFriends_, K.D. 2.16, Female, Canada: TDM//KC Recruitment

Always playing, clutches when needed, always giving advice for game play.

Analyzes enemy team's weaknesses.

Nuumioq92, Female, K.D. 2.05, Greenland: Hunted/Hardcore Recruitment

Always playing, willing to help improve team strategy, clutches when needed.

Analyzes enemy team and provides winning strategy.

HerculeZz--, K.D. 1.96, Male, U.S.A.: SnD/SnR Recruitment

Always playing, Ranked 98 in Search and Rescue.

Levels us up and makes sure no member is alone!

JazzyJeff922, K.D. 2.25, Male, U.S.A.: General Recruitment

GB member, Plays all objective modes,

Analyzes enemy team and formulates appropriate strategy to win.

oKarma, K.D. 1.70, Male, Canada: Domination/Cranked/Blitz Recruitment

GB member, Plays all objective modes.

Quick to think on his feet to win.

There is always opportunity for advancement. Show what you can offer to our clan!

If you are interested please apply for Vexed Gaming HD via Elite app, Facebook, leave your psn here with your stats, or contact Flippz017 via PSN and we'll try you out. Please do not message me here. Thank you!

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Re: Looking for Ps3 Clan

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Ashes of the Innocent


Please visit our main site to learn how to join and become a member of AoTi


Requirements to join:

- Must be at least 16 years of age.

- Have at least a 1.00 kill/death ratio upon the point of applying for AoTi.

About Us:

Ashes of the Innocent [AoTi], has been around since the World at War days.  Believe it or not, that's going on 5 years now.  Currently, we have over 60 active members that interact as one, big family on a daily basis.  From the United States to Europe, our members span the globe and bring a unique diversity to AoTi.  We have excellent leaders throughout each division that are constantly striving to make AoTi the best clan it can be.  To show our commitment, we've been ranked within the Top 100 CoD Clans and continue to be one of the top clans in the business.  The members of AoTi focus on community.  Yes, we are a competitive gaming clan, but we are also much more than that.  We are family and hope that you will choose to become a member of our family too.

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Re: Looking for Ps3 Clan

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Hi! I am the leader of RSSq or Ruthless Slayers. Here recently I have established a PSN portion of the clan. Both Xbox and PSN will all be working together for clan wars and ranking up the clan.

Currently we have about 65 members with a clan K/D of 1.91. We are a level 16 going on 17. We were ranked Platinum last clan wars and hope to be there again this coming war starting today.

The leader for the PS side is scoliosis_man. His K/D is 2.15. Get with him, or leave us a message on https://www.facebook.com/RuthlessSlayers and we will get back with you.


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Re: Looking for Ps3 Clan

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Thanks for all the offers. Still looking for other possible clans. 

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