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I am looking for a call of duty clan, I can play basically any role.  I am a 35K on GB, GT: DSB MileHigh

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add: "Zora Twix". We are a platinum division clan with 1 win. Looking to get into diamond. Message Fast! Thanks!

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Re: Looking for a Clan

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NVZN Greatness is a PS3 clan ranked level 23 that has won 4 Platinum Division Clan Wars & our 1st Diamond Division Clan Wars. We win nearly every game (Clan win % +70%). We're friends, gamer's & people who care about one another.

***OUR NEXT DIAMOND CLAN WARS START THIS FRIDAY - SUNDAY 7:00-11:00pm Eastern Time. We'll be holding tryouts for 2 more days for those wanting to make the team.***

NVZN clan requires the following...

  • ACTIVE player who plays daily for a few hours each day AT MINIMUM.
  • MUST COMMIT to be active during Clan Wars 48 hours prior to start (otherwise will be temporarily REMOVED from clan roster for duration of the Clan War).
  • MUST HAVE HEADSET/MIC. You're not a serious player if you don't have this.
  • MUST have DLC and/or Season Pass.
  • We have a Facebook clan page. We encourage clan members to join it for news & updates.
  • Communicate w/ clan. Once a member joins we provide each others phone contact for texting to coordinate w/ one another when each other might be online(very beneficial during Clan Wars as well).
  • Solid player in both KD, Objective play style (when needed) & diverse gamer who enjoys most/all game modes!
  • WE PREFER players be from USA or Canada (for sake of time zones) but in some cases MAY consider other countries.
  • Seeking 16 years old at minimum. We have fun but we're a mature gaming group.
  • Be respectful of one another & their play style, we're a diverse group of ethnicity, gender & personalities!

If interested message me on this thread OR...

Message & Friend @ PSN ID...

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