Looking for a PS3 clan located in the UK.

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Looking for a PS3 clan located in the UK.

I'm looking for a mature and relatively large clan to join so that I have people to play with as Ghosts is released. I need the clan to be located within the UK, as I'm from there and I don't enjoy laggy games.

More about me:

I'm 26 year old guy from Essex, planning on playing daily, where possible, once ghosts is released. I have played every call of duty since Modern Warfare, moved over to ps3 gaming during World at War. I haven't played multiplayer seriously since I stopped playing MW3 due to lag issues. Although I have recently enjoyed playing a lot of Last of Us online.

I prefer to play objective based game modes with players who know how to play the objective. (With the exception of S&D which I despise).

I will probably use support on most of my classes, as I've always enjoyed supporting my team over getting the most kills possible.

My Stats: (In both black ops I didn't play much multiplayer, preferring zombies.)

Black Ops 2:

K/d - 0.93

SPM - 279

Win % - 44%

Time - 40.5 Hours Played


k/d - 1.22

win% - 59%

time - 96 hours played

favourite killstreak - Support - Recon Helicopter.

Black Ops:

k/d - 1.34

wins - 56%

time - 178 hours played

If any of you have a big clan based in the UK with responsible and friendly members whom enjoy playing objective game modes properly. Let me know.


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Re: Looking for a PS3 clan located in the UK.

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You would be very welcome to our clan

Legendary Lions recruiting for ghosts. We are an established clan of mature gamer's , we play to win , we all have positive scores in all game modes. You must be 21 and over have a headset, be able to speak English and communicate with other team members. We learn all call outs and have a great team of admins to help and give you fantastic advice..We have gold clan tag which is simply R04R. To join follow the link and APPLY


Youtube video link

We are the legendary lions - YouTube

If your not sure what to do, add me on ps3 Stub-_-Toe

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Re: Looking for a PS3 clan located in the UK.

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Thanks for the invitation. Assuming you accept my application, I look forward to getting to know all of you.

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Re: Looking for a PS3 clan located in the UK.

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I'm part of clan called Renegade Elite for a quick summary we are a PlayStation 3 , PC and soon to be PlayStation 4 clan.

In the past we have supported:

Modern Warfare 3 : Reached Level 17 despite been formed Late October 2012 (few weeks before Black Ops 2)

Black Ops 2: Reached Level 50 without making our members take part in elite like other clans force people to.


Battlefield 3

We now support and will soon be supporting:


PS3 - Battlefield 4

PS3 - Ghost

PS4 - Battlefield 4

PS4- Ghost

PS4 - Killzone: Shadow Fall

PS4 - Destiny

PS4 - Drive Club

With the aim to add many more games in the future.

The only thing is we are not a UK only clan we allow members from all over to join us as our main goal is to enjoy our gaming together but we can hold our own pretty well and know communication is key when you do find a hard match to win.

If you are interested simply visit our thread on here for some more details about us and if you have any question leave a response in that topic.



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Re: Looking for a PS3 clan located in the UK.

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Thanks for your interest, but I have accepted another invitation. Apologies.

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