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Looking for a clan

Hello, My gamertag is SUP3RMAN 131 and I'm looking to join a clan or find some people to game with for ghosts. I've played since cod4. My k/d ratio in Black Ops II was 2.16. I like playing objective game modes. 

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Re: Looking for a clan

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Legendary Lions recruiting for ghosts. We are an established clan of mature gamer's , we play to win , we all have positive scores in all game modes. You must be 21 and over have a headset, be able to speak English and communicate with other team members. We learn all call outs and have a great team of admins to help and give you fantastic advice..We have gold clan tag which is simply R04R. To join follow the link and APPLY


Youtube video link

We are the legendary lions - YouTube

If your not sure what to do, add me on ps3 Stub-_-Toe

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Re: Looking for a clan

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Hello. Here is the link to my Recruitment Thread.


Give it a read.

I also sent you an Clan Invite. You have no obligation to Accept it if you do not want to.

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Re: Looking for a clan

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What's every one. It's almost that time again. Time for some COD! In 9 days COD GHOST will be here. And we are looking for new members. We are looking to start and all sniper squad, so snipers are welcome. We are also looking for CO-LEADERS, RECRUITERS, EDITORS, GAME TYPE SQUAD LEADERS

https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/10783583 (New Clan)

When you get accepted you will first need to register on our Facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/TRUIMMORTALGOON

Then sign up for clan website at: http://trugoonsforlife.enjin.com/

Check out our clan plans for GHOST on website:http://ximmortalgoongamingx.weebly.com/


Must be over 13

Being and "ACTIVE" member is what keeps you in the clan.

Having a mic is good. Cuz we do callouts. But its not going to keep you frm getting in.

Doing clan ops and daily challenges are a most.(Dnt apply if u dnt do them)

Respond to game invite and friend request from other members(Clan members first, friends second)

You must sign-up for clan website & facebook page.You must post at laest 2 post a week."CLAN RULE" (NOT POSTING MEANS YOUR NOT A FULLY ACTIVE MEMBER)

Have a K/D of .75 minimum (I will not be taking anyone that does have a K/D under .75 at all.

All clan member must maintain over a .75 K/D.

Always respect your fellow member, squad leaders, and clan & co-leadership.


You get to team up with some very skilled, but friendly people.

Get to learn how to work well with other team players.

Get to watch and learn from skilled players

Gold Clan Tags: IGNx/xIML/xIMN

xIML Clan level:46 Black ops 2/Clan level 28 Mw3(Not looking for new members)

IGNx Clan level: 50 Black ops 2/Clan level 40 Mw3(Not looking for new members)

xIMN Clan level: 17 Black ops 2/Clan level: 6 in Mw3(Open recruiting)

"Very important" If your getting the "ERROR" sign when applying? Dnt worry. Just let me know in a message on clan website. I will get u in the clan, soon as i can. Thanks, and hold tight

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Re: Looking for a clan

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If you're planning on picking up the Xbox One then feel free to check out our recruitment thread found here: [Xbox] Ceph Gaming Recruiting for Next Generation. The recruitment thread will provide you will all the information about what Ceph Gaming has to offer and the requirements to get in. The thread also contains contact information so if you want to get in touch with me (GT: Ceph War) to ask questions or just get in touch with me to talk in general before making up your mind then don't be afraid to do so.

No matter what clan you decide to go with for your gaming needs Ceph Gaming wishes you all the best of luck in your future gaming endeavors!

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Re: Looking for a clan

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Hello sup3rman,

My name is Chris, The Leader of the TryHard Clan and here's some info if you are interested in joining:

  • Who Are We?

     Search no longer!! The TryHard Clan is a new multi-platformcasual/competitive clan trying to balance playing well and with having a good in game experience. The overall mission of the clan is not to start out as the"best" clan out there, but to build our every one of our members individual CoD skills and abilities so can all eventually achieve the goal of #1 Clan. I am currently developing a website and forums for the clan. Those should be up around release so stay tuned for a link. Also I will get a chat room going for our PC gamers and others to communicate with each other. All this is to make the clan look more appealing and professional for you guys. Plus it keeps us all connected because we all can organize and chat together.

  • Join Requirements

      To keep recruiting simple, age and skill do not affect if you get into the clan. Just have some level of maturity. As for a mic you don't need one but it is recommended. All I ask of you is that you just like to play CoD and play enough to contribute and work with the clan. I am not asking people to interact, just be able to play in the same lobby together. I'm not going to put people who don't want to play with each other together in a lobby. For the Casual part of the clan you really don't have to be online that much. When you are online, all I ask of you is to try and recruit 1 or 2 people every once in a while in-game. I presume most of our clan members will be on Xbox 360 because that's the console where I am recruiting from in-game. At the moment I currently don't have a PS system and I am working on getting one. However, if you have or know someone with good leadership skills. We can get people leading a group of players for Clan Wars on other platforms.

  • What We Will Do

   Speaking of Clan Wars, We will do CoD: Ghosts in-game Clan Wars on All Platforms once we get enough members. I will never ask you to change your GamerTagbecause changing it really doesn't change the player you are. Also, I have a buddy who will join the clan and he has recording capabilities to record our competitive games and Clan Wars. We will do scrimmages to asses where the GB team and Clan Wars teams are at. When we are not doing CW we will play Public Matches, the new Squads, or do private matches together. We will play every game mode in Ghosts and even try some of the lesser-known modes just for fun. We will offer open lobbies to work on learning in-game skills like map layouts, weapon loadouts, gamemodes, the list goes on. Lastly, once we get enough members we can do in-clan competitions with each other for PS Cash, Ms Points, or other prizes.

  • The Competitive Side

     About the Competitive part of the clan: We are not just a in-game CoD clan. We will do Competitive Gaming i.e Gamebattles. I am willing to leave my current GB team and create a GB team with the best players who join the clan. The GB team will be only for our clan members and their friends. To join the GB team you must have a K/D of 1.3 or better in any CoD game. The K/D part really doesn't affect selection too much b/c some players are exceptional in-game and they keep low K/D's.The only online requirement for the GB team is that you need to be active on some weekends for matches!!. The GB team is playing to go to Championships but as long as we go pretty high in the ranks that's good too.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Message CoD profile or my Xbox Live GamerTag: xDaTryHardGuy and I'll get back to you.

Important! How To join The TryHard Clan!:

1. Click the light blue link below

2. Make sure your're signed in.

3. Apply

Also, you can reply to this thread or message my GamerTag:xDaTryHardGuy for an Invite and to ask questions as well!

Here's the join link: Call of Duty®: Ghosts. You will be automatically accepted I guarantee it!

Thanks for Your Time,


My Stats for Those Who Care

CoD:Ghosts K/D We'll find out....

Bo2 K/D 1.63

Bo1 K/D 1.01

Mw3 K/D 1.90

Mw2: That's a different story..

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