Looking for xbox 360 clan!!!

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Looking for xbox 360 clan!!!

Looking for xbox 360 clan,I only play core teamdeath match. My k/d is 1.36. I good to play in clan wars whenever need,but as far as playing around I just play core.

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Re: Looking for xbox 360 clan!!!

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message me on xbl verticalgore643

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Re: Looking for xbox 360 clan!!!

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My clan is currently looking for new members.

- We're called Optic Gits

- Level 24

- Platinum division, but looking to go onto Diamond when we have more members in our team.

- active and friendly, we would rather our K/D take a bashing and win a game than lose especially during clan wars.

- great team communication

If you'd like to check us out you're more than welcome to come and play a couple games with us. If not I hope you find a clan you're happy with

My G/T is : RazaBolt

Happy gaming!

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Re: Looking for xbox 360 clan!!!

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We are serious about clan wars and are looking for active players only. If you're accepted into our clan and become completely inactive a week or two later, we will dismiss you from the clan. But we highly doubt this will happen because EVERYONE loves playing Call of Duty because it’s extremely FUN and COMPETITIVE. So please don't waste our time. We would like players with skill at objective based games (preferably), but will accept/invite anyone that will benefit the clan. We are moving to the DIAMOND division next clan wars. We also understand that people have LIFE’S, so we appreciate it when you “play when you can”.

Our clan, STR8 GANGST3RS, is a level 17. We use the clan tag [WKUD] Our motto: We Kill........You Die........(it's that simple......)

Our clan K/D is 1.23.

We have 20 members (currently, but on the rise).

Our only requirement is that you are active (minimum 24-48 hours) (This can also be averaged out if you and a friend would like to join). We also would prefer you to have the Call of Duty app, but it's not required. It's just easier to make plans for clan wars and communication.

We’re trying to build a clan for clan wars that when they see our clan name in that clan war registration.....it puts FEAR into their Call of Duty hearts.

So look up our clan (STR8 GANGST3RS) on the Call of Duty app and see if you think we'd be right for you and your friends and apply.

If you are seriously interested and have any questions send me a message on the PSN, at quicksilver_07

All we want to do is have FUN (NO DRAMA), but at the same time be very COMPETITIVE and WIN..........

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