Looking to start a clan! (PS4)

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Looking to start a clan! (PS4)

Im looking to start a clan with some people, mainly to unlock some of the in-game content on Ghosts. I have one started called TheCollective, but have no one in it just yet. Primarily, i want to have some people who are just looking to have fun! However, i also want to have some people join with experience. Im not saying you have to be super amazing or anything like that, but i just don't want a bunch of people who are complete noobs as well. I've been playing Call Of Duty games since MW2, and am Master Prestige on BO2, so i have a decent amount of experience.

Anyway, if you are interested, let me know! Like i said, i just want some decently experienced people to have fun with! Nothing super serious, and no pressure.

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