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Making PS3 clan

I will be making a ps3 clan tonight and will make a long ass post soon but for right now some basics are:

KD: 1.80

W/L 1.0

Have gunskill/map awareness

Be well rounded in the game types you play but when we CB other clans expect Dom

Age 16+ unless you can prove yourself mature

and remember this is a game... a bullshit, f*cking enraging game that we all love

P.S there will be a sniping portion to the clan more then likely but not for sure but you can hit me up without requirements

PSN: DakYolo95

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Re: Making PS3 clan

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Hey man,

I am a co-Leader of  [ WoG* ] and we are looking for quality active members to expand. We are also considering clan merging or making ally clans...

We just won the first clan war in Gold division, currently have 21 members, Clan KD of 1.57 and 50% win loss ratio.

Would you or your clan be interested in joining/merging with us or being an ally clan?

PSN-  ImMorTaL_BouSS  or  GitErDunBrosDJ

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Re: Making PS3 clan

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are you willing to merge with my clan to win clan wars add me "killamaneasy"

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