NEW Extinction Clan

Ghosts Clans Recruitment

Hey everyone! Just checking in on here for a minute! ESQD has been doing great, we now have almost 40 members who LOVE Extinction!!!! The big push this past week or two has been teeth and I am happy to report that ESQD members have led the way in helping first-time fishes escape and helping with in game hints and tactics. I've personally had some very EXCITING games with fish this last week, had a few games with people playing EXT for the first time so they had no idea what to expect but we got them through it! Helped a few folks through NF and MD too to earn the victory which was nice!

Anywho.... If you are into EXT and would like experienced shooters them hmu in xbox360 at OFC Pugnax or you can apply to the Ghost app via an I device or Win8 and I can accept you into ESQD. Just to clarify you don't need to join Esqd to play with us! Thanks everyone!

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