[PC] JTF3 Clan looking for members!

Ghosts Clans Recruitment

Looking for people to join my clan. I really want to do clan wars, so I thought the best way would be to make my own clan.


- 1.0 KDR + or 1.0 WLR + (either a positive K/D or positive W/L)

- Mature gamers (age doesn't matter as long as you can lose without getting angry)

- Willing to do clan wars

- Plays mainly Domination, TDM, and/or S&D.

- Not selfish (plays support or assault, not specialist)

- Plays on PC (I know it's in the title but just making sure)

If you want to join, put your Steam Gamertag in your reply w/ your KD, preferred gamemode, and why you want to join the clan, or apply through the Call of Duty App (clan's full name is JointTaskForce3)

Thanks for applying if you did. I'll message you and friend request you on Steam if you're in.

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