(PS3) [DOGS] Smile Dogs Recruiting for Clan Wars, Cranked, Dom, etc.

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  We are the Smile Dogs. Thank you for clicking on this discussion, as this is the clan that you'll want to join.

EDIT: I just wanted to say that my PS3 headset is messed up right now, so I probably won't be able to talk to you with my headset much. Sorry about that.

  The story of Smile Dog is that if you see him, he will continuously appear to you as a Husky. These continuous appearances will slowly drive you insane. Eventually he'll turn into the red, hellish one on the right and kill you. The only way to escape it is to "spread the word" by showing the picture of him to someone else. The curse then falls on their shoulders.

  Right now, we're primarily looking for people to do Clan Wars with, but we are also interested in all other online things on this game. We have a variety of players, so there's a variety of interests. Extinction and Squads included. But our primary goal, as I said, will be Clan Wars for now. Which, if you didn't know already, pretty much involves everything except Infected. So you should be good.

Requirements: There's not really any requirements. I don't care about K/D, but I do care about if you suck or not. So don't apply if you suck.

A mic is not required, but it would be greatly appreciated.

This is a US clan, so please don't apply if you can't speak English. We all want to be able to understand everyone in the clan.

If you have a certain specialty(if you're good at quick-scoping, sneaking, assault, etc.) I would like to know that when you apply.

It is a requirement, however, that you tell me what your favorite mode is. If you're new to Call of Duty and don't know what your favorite mode is yet, you probably shouldn't be looking to join a clan. Play the game a little bit and come back if you still want to join.

  If you're interested in joining this awesome clan, put a reply down there or send me a message on PSN:Demon1198 and add me. I hope you make the right decision. I'll be waiting.


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Clan Wars starts today! Sign up before it starts. Otherwise, you may not be able to join at all due to Infinity Ward's new Clan Wars recruiting restrictions. I could only have up to 15 last time, so you better hurry(I think we have 14 or 15 now, I'll have to check). More people also means a higher Division. In the last Clan War we were in the Silver Division, but I think we'll be in Gold this time because we stepped up and we're doing better now.

I still am working on getting myself a new PS3 headset, I'm really sorry about that. I just can't afford to get a good one right now, and I don't plan on getting one of the fifty dollar pairs that break after a couple of days. It's happened to me before and they didn't give me a refund.

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