[PS4] BlessTheCursed is recruiting!

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[PS4] BlessTheCursed is recruiting!

BlessTheCursed is currently recruiting for 1 spot - maybe up to 4 on PS4! We're a level 25 clan who needs 1 more platinum division win. We are currently at 22 members. We act more as a family than anything else. We love to have fun and we love joking around. At the same time we know what it takes to win though! We are an organization made of adults. If this sounds like an organization you'd love to be a part of, I am listing our requirements below and what you need to do to join our ranks!


Have a K/D of 1.00 or higher (preferably higher)

Have a mic

Be 17 or older

Have an active e-mail address

Sign up to our website!

To sign up to our website:

Go to www.blessthecursed.com

In the top right corner click register

Fill out all of the information

Verify your e-mail address

I will receive your application, look it over, and contact you through psn.

Thank you for reading and I hope to hear from you soon!

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Re: [PS4] BlessTheCursed is recruiting!

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Join today you wont regret it!

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