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What's up guys and girls? I'm a 24 year old casual gamer, I'm not a superstar player but I know how to handle myself. My K/D is 0.97 at the moment (working on it as we speak, however). Just looking for a laid back clan to join, none of my mates have made the jump to PS4 so I'm a bit of a lone wolf at the moment. I work a stressful job and enjoy CoD as a way to unwind most nights.

Please feel free to message me on here or over PSN (x_Jay_Cooper_x).


Jay x

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Hello, on playsation i cant find your name but add me TheRealWilkz  and then i can join mate



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Hey we are a small clan of mates who play most nights, only a few of us have moved to the ps4 though so looking for new players to join us. We mostly play hardcore and are pretty chilled though do like to play to win haha! We have players with a range of skill and CoD experience so don't worry about your K/D we just look for players who play objectively

Hit me up on the psn if like Szwec17

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