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Come check us out if you're still looking

Referrer: DaG_Ali

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klassicalkinfry mais francais

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We Are still Recruting we are a level 25 Clan Platinum division If that sounds Good you can find Whiskey_49 on PSN and msg him

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I have a PS4 and just started a clan called "coffeenated".  Im looking for players across all platforms.

My PSN is splatteredmess25

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Guys I don't think he is actually still looking for a clan... the post was made way back on May 3rd... some random dude just bumped it up.

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i think ur Right

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It was actually March 3rd. On app he's not in a clan. But think about it 2 & 1/2 months gone by & he was playing already so he's only at 90 hours in then he's not that active. IMO

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Anex United

established February, 2014

We are now looking for more QUALITY gamers for our already successful and active community. If you are looking to play with other gamers who are dedicated to team work, communication, and great attitude, then look no more! Our community is now recruiting for PS4!

          What We Can Offer You

10 Active Members

A Home or Community that takes Pride in what we do

Gold Clan Tags

Level 21

Participation in Clan Wars (Platinum Division)

Will be Starting Twitter, Facebook page and YouTube Channel

Clan Events - practice sessions, and scrimmages

Will be starting a competitive team

Friendly community, respect all members

       What We Are Looking For

K/D Requirement of 1: But if you are looking to improve upon different game modes we can help you expand your knowledge

Headset is preferred but don't have to have one, would like you to get one if possible

Very active player (plays 4-6 times a week with some exceptions)

Play at least 3 of the 5 days during clan wars

Have fun and be competitive

Be mature, don't act stupid, and no young kids

Play regularly or most of the time

Have sportsmanship, no arguing with the other team or other players in our clan

Members who fight will be kicked out

Members who don't listen will be kicked

Never get angry with a member in public.

Always keep calm, even when getting your butt kicked in a game.

Communication is a key to the clan. I can inform you of practices or matches or in case other members of clan don't show up for a match

Have a headset*

E-mail address

Cell phone*

Clan Website*

All players are welcome.  We encourage you to try our clan before giving up on us, I promise our members will be respectful to you in all ways. Have any questions just reply back or try messaging me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

To apply: (Do 1 or ALL of these)

Please apply on the app (Anex United)

Email me @ [Removed by Moderator]

Message me on psn FaNtasY_KiLLer11

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