WNx Recruiting Ghosts/Advanced Warfare (360/XB1/PS3/PS4/PC)

Ghosts Clans Recruitment

If you're looking for a gaming community to be a part of for the release, take a look at Warrior Nation (WNx). We support many games on many platforms, but for COD Advanced Warfare we will have sections for 360/XB1, PS3/PS4, and maybe even PC. Our Ghosts sections were Max Level with the pretty red clan tags and we were in Diamond Division Clan Wars. We've got active members worldwide, play Clan Wars as well as in-house events/competitions, and all around have a good time.  Forum activity is required, but there aren't set minimum posts or anything like that. We are a friendly gaming community with a competitive streak full of active, dedicated members. If you're interested in joining or getting more info, shoot me an email: wnxmrsrebelcop@gmail.com (email used only for clan communications) or send a message on XBL/PSN: MrsRebelCop

We are also always looking for new members for our Ghosts sections as well!!!

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