(Xbox 360) Team Zule Recruiting! *Startup* Making new Youtube Channel for the Clan, MEMBERS NEEDED!

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(Xbox 360) Team Zule Recruiting! *Startup* Making ...

Hey Guys!

Team Zule is starting up again, which means we are recruiting! If you think you have what it takes please feel free to join! Please note to join the clan, you MUST change your Gamertag! Message me on xbox if interested!!!

My Stats:

GT - Zule Apex

K/D- 2.32

W/L - 1.32

Thanks guys!

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Re: (Xbox 360) Team Zule Recruiting! *Startup* Mak...

in reply to ZuleYo

Level : 10th Prestige lvl 60

KD : 1.61

Im looking for a clan, that is Ranked in Gold Division or Higher. I have lots of experience in clans. Gamertag changes do not matter to me. If it is required i will need a week. MSG me on xbox @ DHG Exodus

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