Xbox one looking for active players only. Clan k/d is 1.85

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Xbox one looking for active players only. Clan k/d...

Motley CRUE is looking for good active players to dominate. We are 22+ members strong on Ghosts and we're looking to fill some spots with beastly players. A lot of our members are over 2.00 and from all over world. We play for fun and we play to win. We are a brotherhood here at CRUE. And we're looking for some of the best. Only serious active gamers apply. We love to pubstomp.



1- K/D of 1.60 or higher but we will make exceptions.

2- Must have and use a mic.

3- Know how to communicate and play as a team.

4- Must play objectives.

5- Know how to control maps.

6- Only Xbox one.

7- Must be active.

8- Have a minimum of 50 hours played.

9- The top game types everyone plays is TDM, DOM, KC, BLITZ and CRANKED.

10- Must be chill and laid back. We don't need rage quitters. Things don't always go your way, but keep calm and your team will back you up and get you back on your feet.

11- No BOOSTING. If you get caught boosting, you will be kicked.

12- Zero tolerance to name calling. Watch your language, and be careful not to offend anyone. But once you start to play with the members and get to know them you can be yourself. We do not cause problems in lobbies but if you’re in a lobby and someone is provoking you, by all means take the gloves off and handle it as necessary.

13- The age is set to be 18 or older. I do give some youngsters a chance, but I have a rule. It’s the SQUEAKER rule. Which means if the youngster doesn’t know when to shut the hell up and are annoying as **** they get kicked ASAP no questions asked.

No more need for lone wolfing or having teammates without mics. Send in an application on the new Call of Duty ghosts app or in game. If you meet or exceed our requirements, you're in. Hit me up with a friends request and application. Do not apply on call of duty elite. Ghosts does not coincide with elite. It has to be done in game or on the app on your mobile device.

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