xVision Gaming: Recruiting members who love to play and win. (Xbox 360 & Xbox 1)

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xVision Gaming: Recruiting members who love to pla...

Welcome I am Cj owner/leader,

Here at xVSN we are a clan that does not judge people on there talent and skills we are looking for members that just love to play and have fun playing other members. At this time we have 18 members due to the fact that only 6 PS members where there and was kinda dead weight they never did anything.

But moving on when this total chaos about the clan manger issue going on we are looking for gamers that wish to play.

Here we have just 1 requirements is just be mature I do no care how old you are but it you are immature you are not welcome.

Our site is now up and running http://xVSNGaming.enjin.com where you can look around see whats going on around most of the site, not all of it.

So any questions contact me at any of these,

Xbox: WillyWooTang


or just message me on this site

I will contact take you in 2 days if I do not I am out of town or I am sick.

Thanks for reading,


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Re: xVision Gaming: Recruiting members who love to...

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Sorry for all people who are reading this there is still major problems with the Ghost Clan thing, as you know. But if you can wish you can join and we can play Clan Matches 4v4's

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