38 Assists - in solo?

Ghosts Extinction

I had a game of solo Nightfall earlier, on "Casual". After the game, I had something like 650 kills, and 38 assists. How did I manage to get ANY assists? lol

I'm genuinely confused by this. It's not even like you have the option to call in an attack chopper for assistance. Does anyone have any idea how I got assists?

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Traps might have got you an assist if you shot before it hit the trap or the trap damaged and you finished it off? And/or possibly hyno Aliens.

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Ahhh maybe the traps could be it. I didn't hypno anything during that game. I don't think I found any hypno knives to be honest. I found a lot of flares, but no hypno.

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If you shoot a seeker but it explodes before you kill it, it counts as an assist

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HHypno knife probably

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maybe its because u got assists from a sentry gun or a vulture or someting like that

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Using other equipment already mentioned, even those Hypo things that causes 1 Alien to attack the rest (Joins you in battle) can do it.

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